Ahhh, yes… part 2 with the Leaker–in–Chief

We [the staff] continue to get the runaround from the Chicago bureau, please stand–by for something Steve Kornacki doesn’t know.

Please stand–by for context…

… coming up:
“The Maverick’s” white gloved one–finger salute to Donald J. Trump from the other side, but first, the U.S.P.S. finally arrived.

Ahhh, yes… the U.S. executive is also a leaker

Security Clearance my Ass!
Donald will leak everything! And anything.
That is what president of the U.S. means, right?

The U.S. of A. is hijacked by a QUEENS bitch in the Oval Office.

The following frame is a time–delayed message, U.S.P.S. (fucking mail persons) are experiencing “technical difficulties”. Please stand by for continuing context out of the Chicago bureau… “Oh—Say, can Ewe See?”

Fuck Donald Trump…

Sorry: Que Chingue a su Madre Donald Trump.