Trump re-election update… is a 🖤 by-pass

Breaking the Reed’s with Walter
With Musical Guest:
The 3MDupontBig Pharma Triad

Smoke'em if you bong'em

Smoke’em if you bong’em.:.C1C29B31-AF0F-4100-976D-9C291B8CFFAD •|• Later on D.A.T. same Ball of YARN, the railway commuter revealed, what is perhaps one of the biggest U.S. of America hypocrisies, the one that “delegates” to each of the STATES represented en el trapo de “las barras* y las estrellas” the “responsibility” to OK or NIX their  marihuana and guns laws. Õ!Ô FOR THE RECORD Mr. Biden, it was during the so-called “Silent Generation” (that period between the Normandy and the TORA, TORA, TORA generation  and the Beach Boys coming of age) that a company called Dupont and several other Big Pharma interests lobbied the Eisenhower’s of the day to go ahead and “bundle” Cannabis with them other “hard drugs” that for the annals of Presidential hisSTORY sake, financed ILLEGAL WARS and kept sovereign countries like Colombia and México with a “revolving policy” of C.I.A. ruling despots… Now (and) then, America, sin Acento, don’t get Mí started on Bolivia being a Sinaloa Cartel “partner”, when your ATF,  —motherfuckers—  supplied all of the Mexican Cartels with MILITARY GRADE FIRE POWER in order to create chaos, havoc and MILITARY GRADE deaths in OUR own fucking backyard. SHAME ON YOU, Joe BIDEN. And please don’t ever get  behind the wheel of a Jay Leno “money laundering” collectionIST ve•hi•CLE again, PERIOD

Running on the “fumes” of the « reefer madness » runaway station wagon, former vice-president, Joe Biden, single-handedly split the democratic ticket and thus, gave president Trump a second (and possibly a permanent) term at The White House.

Old people kill lives

Old people IN CARS kill lives. Don’t let your grandparents drive, PERIOD

Reports from The Hill quote Mr. Biden’s negative rationalization, on marihuana legalization, because on The Merits that he (the former V.P.) wants science to assure his old ass that pot is not a “gateway” to other legally distributed DRUGS, such as OXYCONTIN, Percocet, or even the .10 cent per pound Tramadol.

Asked if weed was a “gateway” drug, former President of The United States of America, Barack Hussain Obama, said that YES!

Oh, the humanity

Oh, the humanity.:.07525BE0-693B-4125-A98F-C019E393C0ED •|• Breaking the news: In WaWa Land, Cousin Joe’s big head turned into a Big Tabloid, not a “tablet”, —nooooh— an actual dead tree. |•| HECK, even The Washington Examiner got pulled into the Scarborough Orbit, and viewers can now blame the Goat Milk Latte avocado spiced brownies for that Freudian slip about Cousin Joe taking over for Vice-president Joe… the nerve of that Starbucks®️ plug.

“Marihuana was a gateway to the Executive Branch of Government,”, said n° 44.

In other news, the entire States of Colorado, Oregon, and even scattered counties in California started a petition to put a HALT on driver licences issued to anyone over the age of 75, until more research is done on whether anyone over a certain age is not going to BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE of a farmers market, and/or other public place of gathering.