23 de septiembre, 2020 — All up in Kasie’s business

In Hilo, Hawaii it’s the Way Too Early hour… gonna take a nap now.

And Eye Quotes

… and Eye quotes : FAB29EE9-FACD-4CEC-9BED-3A1D1B1FA6B0 _—•!•—_ Lors d’une nouvelle interview avec Lisa Sanchez de la station de radio KLAQ, on a demandé à Amy Lee si elle craignait de faire fuir certains fans en s’exprimant sur des questions politiques.

Kasie. Listen up, WhooaMan! And take, IT, from a person who has gone through the vey same conundrum, not before in the long long time-ago —you Martian incubator unit you— but Right effin’n* now! Because going through the program with all kinds of different nomenclatures* while the processes are on a loop is no way to go through lenses and mirrors, so Kasie, The Bitter Truth in Little Rock, Arkansas, is that today, dear Kasie, Eye Put A Spell(ing) on your “K”, IN•DEED!!! Today your letter K becomes a letter “C”… yeah, Buddy. But don’t Blame Mí, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. is because Boucouse (of Metzinger’s List fame) has it on good Authority that D.E.M. Russians are all up on The Siren’s Den business celebrating a una tal CARMEN.

In Local known News

In Local known News .:. 576F6A41-1BCC-493D-9507-4090967364AC .:. Evan plays the role of Carmen en escena at the Crazy HORSE in Paname… no pun intended.


* Unnecessary censorship; in the French words of Amy Lee in an old West Texas Town of EL PASO… of all places.

With All Due Respect, Buzz Adams…
“just the facts, and nothing but the Frogs”

Previously on

Previously on Eye can “C” for Miles and Miles .:. A4EE0AE8-1E26-495B-A730-E29A1C104C2A .:. Anygüey, Nicolle Wallace, Eye did went AHEAD and noted D.A.T. IT, was going to bee 1 DÍA DE LUTO EN ROSA.

* However, that there seal on the “all up in your business” sure is Metal.