It’s Another 🕎 Tequila Sunrise 🌅 — Ode to Raul Julia (Policía Judicial³)


Professor Davis ✊🏾 at The Independently Unified Ronald Reagan University District at Berkley…

Take another shot 🥃 of courage… or standby for my lover, Natalie Piolé, and that FRAÎCHE WaWa en Jarrón.

Pay no attention to Gomes, in the role of CARLOS, a former JUANITO GUANABACOA direct superior at the La Policía Judicial Federal, —de Tijuana:

Carlos: I haven’t seen any matador stand his ground like that since Abruza.

Big Pussy.

McKussic: He’s a pussy.

Carlos: He’s the finest matador in Mexico.

Note to editors, in Hilo, Hawaii, son las 23 horas y en la placita de los 260 Inocentes son apenas las Diez de la mañana, sin nada que reportar.

Yada, yada, Banzaïï !

McKussic: He’s a pussy, man.

Carlos: Why is that buddy?

But Seriously, Buddy… Take another shot 💉 of courage.

McKussic: I don’t know why. Look at him. Look at the matador, man. What does he fucking do? He dresses up in his… spangles and puts on his sequined jacket… and wraps that sash around his waist. Then he puts on his little pink stockings… and his hair up in a little pigtail. I mean, that’s a pussy!

Carlos: Ah! Whoa! 

The ˈpen-mən-ˌship’ on The Archives… “just the Phacts, ma’am », period!

McKussic: I mean… that’s what a bullfight is… it’s saying he’s a pussy. And we’re the bull. I mean, they got that thing and they wave it like a red flag. What do we do? We charge that sucker! And so, they always got the edge, ’cause they always know what we’re gonna do. We are fuckin’ predictable, man, and they’re just gonna stick it in… and break it off and that’s it and there’s not a fucking thing you can say.

Carlos: [claps] Bravo, buddy! So, what’re we gonna do about it? 

McKussic: What are we gonna do about it? Well, you die. You fucking die. That’s what you do about it 🐂 (period!).