He looked so healthy… must have been them Hamburgers in COYOACÁN

Messieurs SMITHS?

If only the Paris Tourism Board had the Spotlight — like a Voodoo Chile 👆🏞️


The Lives of Others (ISSY this is dedicated to JOHANNE GRACIA POISSON³) and THE FRENCH NAZI STASIquesqui LOVERS who clap at Juanito Guanabacoa.

And, Alicia Leos y sus Arrière (AS) might or, might not agree 👍 but I Know What Y’all Did in September of 2012/2013 at Balard (M8).


³~. Con especial dedicatoría para la señora Alicia LEOS y su MARIACHI “Las Arrière (AS°), but that is only because doña Alicia, like Dr. Poisson made the campechana official by documenting their intentions with La Bendita Préfecture, en otras palabras, como dice Katie Phangs: don’t think that Eye is into Ewe. Just the facts, mesdames.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-middle-east / cairo-masterplan-threatens-ancient-city-of-the-dead

Y… en Egipto, una nueva megalópolis is actually and literally running an express way over The City of The Dead. I was wondering why I kept being bugged about that Hitchhikers Guide in CAIRO.

En Italia, it’s a One-Tú with Verstappen y Pérez.

[This space for rent]

Mientras tanto…

The Wayback Machine y los jaraneros tapatíos.

Que Chingue A Su Madre³
“El Mudo”

Note to RFPP y “sus” editores… Entre PEJE’s y MADRINAS.

If there is EVER, ever ever, any doubt why we THE STAFF, continue to make like the IMER NOTICIAS fellow, Mr. Nájar, that is to say —complaint or, faire LA PLAINTE  auprès du procureur de la République BANANERA de FRANCIA y sus medios en rfpp . net it~is because, y aunque no sea lo mismo ni sea igual, Eye would not allow a STASI cop to moonlight as an “ANGEL of culture” when torture was the 🔨  instrumento ⛏️ that he played THE BEST. (Clap, French motherfuckers, CLAP on RFPP).

https ://www .reforma .com /gana-pleito-de-marca-la-sonora-santanera-de-carlos-colorado /ar2488829 

³~La hermosa Marina (Malinche) madre de todos los, las y LES mexicaines (including Pepito).


Al regresar, “Los Luchadores” con el más técnico de PASADENA, the one and only, Memo Hijo de Ricardo Martínez de La Garza…

Perros Bravos follows:/

The Son of a banker who roamed with many COYOTES during his early years in Coyoacán just boarded the TRAJINERA to El inframundo en Yucatán…


Please stayed tuned for sintonías…

Ladies in Gemini ♊ — Vicky Carr


Last Call for the Five o’Clock crowd.

😇 🍔 HILARY 2016 Thanks Obama!

It’s Marga Rita Ville, again.
Ain’t no Hamburgers in Hell, but I, Armando Segovia, will hook you up, Mr. Buffett, regardless if Rachel Maddows’s husband, lets that bitch work in the bedroom at 3 a.m. in the morning… or Knot ☄️.

… and Congressperson Scarborough, f°u°c°k° YOU too.

All the thin red lines that fit in The Passion of the Mexa.

… and Congressman Scarborough… never mind the YATCH ROCK, because much like the things that qualify as news… There’s a Knew Kid In Town, ISSY, you son of a bitch, youse gonna like the WAY YOU LOOK. Enjoy [ 🏌️ ]

Le chanteur et milliardaire américain Jimmy Buffett est mort à 76 ans


Entonces, what a way to dispatch the month of August, Super Blue Moon³ and ol’. Anyhow September is Mexican “let’s fuck the shit out of the cenotes in La Hermana República del Yucatán” Heritage Month. And what better way to do that DEED than with a staple of “gringo exeptionalism” along the Gulf of Mexico and the CariBEANS. For contemporary purposes, those WHITE MOTHERFUCKERS walking their dogs on a leash (not including their mexican fuck-boys) in MEXICO CITY are nothing more than the continuation of MARGARITA VILLE, except that TO THEY, to they is just GENERAL GENTRIFICATION with a nice country song “moonlighting” as an ISLAND melody.

All Those Years Ago.

I love you Jimmy Buffett but you are going to play your songs (pour l’éternité) for a CHILENAN GENARAL who just so happen to have commited suicide for killing a collègue of yours.

But don’t worry Jimmy, Évry-fucking-time that I eat a hamburger you too, will be tasting that dead cow, but yours will have that maggot-ie sense as you chew on that delicious beef-patty.

https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /amériques /20230830 –chilisuicided-un-ex-général-condamné-pour-meurtre-lors-du-coup-d-étatmilitaire-de-pinochet

Because the Eye Rho Ní is, that FERNANDO VALENZUELA’s (34) legacy, like the Colosio’s en La Sultana, emigrated from SON°ORA to another place, Fernando chose Yucatán, y el hijo de un candidato: Monterrey.

³~. Goooooooooo, Dodgers ☄️ 24 wins at the top of the eight month of 12.

PANAMÆ ! — Late… from La Parole Errante

Loaded 45… el otro extremo de “La Internacional”, y para muestra, un perucho como botón:


With that audio from Freddy Rojas en Américas Errantes por el 93 de la Île-de-France, o algo así, arrancamos desde el año 1968 en Churubusco-Bienvenüe.

The Most Disturbing Performance ofChabeloin a Bizarre Ghost Movie
October 9, 2020

Chicago, Il-y-Noice  Route 66
Well it winds from Chicago to L.A.
More than 2000 miles all the way…

En-route³, ladies and Gemini at La Paloma Errante de Osler Amaro allá por la región del Cuzco-sous-Bagnolet, La Catrina en Auriol, allí en face a chez-GLEASON, was the chosen place by Macario López Tarso and La Tigresa Serrano in order to wait for that motorcycle ridin’ Foo, Xavier López, dit « Chabelo » to arrive 🪶.

³~. Es decir, Juanito GUANAVACOA and Christophe à Mains Libres, on the way, San Bernardino and Cucamonga are a must see attraction 🧲.

Pah! Z’a—JEROS!

Pero mientras eso pasa por la noche del sábado 25 en Hilo, Hawaii—⌛—mañana del domingo 26 en París ⏳, here’s a thought for your bolony sandwich, o como dice Mel Blanc en Cucamonga : thoughts for your little copperton Lincoln’s.

Miguel Gleason… el próximo toro le corresponde al presidente del Segundo Imperio Congreso de Federaciones de mexicanos en la Ciudad Universitaria del 14eme de Alésia.

In Montreuil-sous-Bois, Freddo Santa Croix popped the champagne cork 30 minutes late, en décalage con 🇫🇷 Petro y Francia 🇨🇴.

Go ahead, Alicia. Go right ahead and misunderstand what Ewe sees, it’s getting hard to be Nobody but it all squares out It doesn’t matter much to Mí.


La Émission Américas se puso las pilas luego de nuestra cobertura a ese teatro en enero, y sin embargo, la frequencia 106.3 no logra estar en internet, la señal se CALLÓ, del verbo caer.

Once la señal returned, Freddo Santa Crux is marching with Chairman MAO, he ain’t gonna make it with Freddy Cats —anyhow— because Freddy Cats is a Capitalist entreprise for the Dead.

En tanto regresa la señal, pasemos pues al plato principal en Texas:

[For the record, 20 minutos después la señal de Freddy Santa Te minúscula regresa al 106.3 de fm]

Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More… but Eye 🤹 ain’t got a Centenary 🎪 to give.


The “Hey Jude” / “Revolution” single was issued on 26 August 1968 in the US, with the UK release taking place on 30 August. Two days after the record’s US release, violent scenes occurred at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, as police and National Guardsmen were filmed clubbing Vietnam War protestors. 

Happiness is a Warm Culture Wako.
https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Revolution_(Beatles_song)


Sans Öüï, the year of Mexico in France would have been a hitch. That’s all that I am hammering here for, Ag, SILVER, kimozabi.

https ://www .c-span .org/video /?526950-1 /president-biden-prime-minister-trudeau-joint-news-conference

Opposition viewpoints: salon anticoloniale et antiraciste, La Parole Errante – Montreuil, 25 – 26 de marzo 2023.





https ://🇺🇸 .wikipedia .org /wiki /All_persons_fictitious_disclaimer

Man on l’Olyday… Eye don’t practice Santeria and, “no animals were harmed in the making of this blog,” furthermore, « All characters and events in this blog—even those based on real people, living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know or knew them — however, to borrow from The Book of Mormon, all characters, including my friend Moroni en San José de Las Panochas are entirely fictional, » … except of course for Patas de Catre and Alejandro Jodorowski.

Of course, if you are just joining the programming you are probably going to wonder what vela* does Luther have in this entierro, and for that you not only need to unfold the scroll back to the dark ages of 2021 and switch it over to the Willie GEIST when America (sin acento) Ketches-up with the Katty Kay flying circus-es.

*~. Not that one 🕯️

vela², del latín vela, pl. velum
f. En un barco, it’s the piece of canvas or other material that is tied to the spars to receive the wind and propel the vessel.


… Any how, de las velas, “la bastarda” es la mayor de los buques latinos.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/01/18/🎶 –monday-monday-deer-ashley-at-bfmer/

Father James is hurling from the mound, the count is 1 strike and it’s the top of the Ninth Inning with no runner on base. Here comes the pitch.

“Oh, ok then. Tell me, where does the U.S. start*?”, said Father James (fm).

*~. On account of me bringing up Mexico’s territorial limits in the second decade of the 1800’s under the Umpire of Iturbide “el pirulí”.

… Spring Forward to page 3

Lovefool — “Eye” has a dream³… and Mr. POQUELIN is not in it

El Son de La NEGRA

1947 – The Black Dahlia murder: The dismembered corpse of Elizabeth Short was found in Los Angeles.

Concierto a sombrero

Starring, 💀 MACArio 💀 :

😇 1925 – 🦃Ignacio López Tarso 🦃, 🇲🇽  Mexican 🇲🇽, actor

🌬️ 🎶 Qué alegría cuando le dijeron (a COLBERT) vamos al bautizo de Molière, ya están tramando el complot, su UMBRAL es el Vaux-le-Vicomte 🥬

Schwarzkopf follows:

… but my 🇺🇸 General 🇺🇸 wore a pink feather on his chocolate chip issued sombrero, I would tell you his name, but then it would be way too easy for THE SON OF JUANITO GUANABACOA, en 🇨🇦 Canadá 🇨🇦, to just copy-paste the General’s name for his “thesis”…

🪖1991 – The 🇺🇳 United Nations 🇺🇳 deadline for the withdrawal of 🇮🇶 Iraqi 🇮🇶 forces from occupied 🇰🇼 Kuwait 🇰🇼 expires, preparing the way for the start of 🪖 Operation 🪖 Desert 🪖 Storm.

😇 1938 – Estrella Blanca, 🇲🇽 Mexican 🇲🇽wrestler ❄️… Black Warrior, on the other hand, extinguished his flame this Past Weekend in TORREÓN.


Excellon announces agreement to acquire past producing mine in Mexico,  from Dalu S. … (the “Seller”), an entity owned by an investment fund managed by Orion Resource Partners.

La Negra Mine
(“La Negra”)
located in Querétaro State, Mexico

https ://excellonresources .com /news /details /index.php?content _id= 341

No Myth, I am an Anti-Christ, ask Aquiles, el de los pies ligeros.


… but it’s just like Republican congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, from Florida says, “Tú Things Can Be Trou 🕳️ at The Same 🪄 Time!

Why just a few moments ago, Avi Velsho, formally known as VELSHI Show, was navel gazing the prospects of the abolishment of the U.S. Electoral College and the creation of a Federal Electoral Institute, to which Eye says, look no further than Mexico to get a template of all of the “different outcomes” of a system like the Comisión Federal de Vigilancia Electoral/Comisión Federal Electoral/Instituto Federal Electoral/Instituto Nacional Electoral… and whatever the Current president might deliver before his sexenio expires.


Anyhow, happy Birthday (sort of) Canada, today is the first THEY of the rest of 1541. On this day, la FRANCHE issues some fellow by the name of “ROBERval” the « commission » to settle La Provence of EXCELLON RESOURCES and provide the CONTAGION or spread of the “Holy Catholic faith »…

Jump to 2001… A Space Odyssey, courtesy of the one and only:

🎉 2001 – Wikipedia, a free wiki content encyclopedia, goes online 🎂🧨🎇🎆🪅📢

… and, Purple Pundit, I Ain’t Going AnyGüer, unless you want Mí tú

Hola, guapo… my name is Macario, and La Niña Blanca showed Mí, the Güey 🇵🇪 to your door. You mentioned The Beatles as I climbed the stairs? Sí, i fitted Lennon in a Matchbox as well.

I’m SIRIUS and you’re not.

Our 🎧 audio got shot down, but the speaker is still strong 🎚️, too bad for the fellows next to Mí, but at least it is real, not like that lick-synched guitar next door.

Uñas or plastic, let Mí know… And Eye doesn’t even play guitar.


Note to César: if Antoine is going to play for a crowd, please advice him to stick a double-stick 100-mile an hour tape with extra guitar picks on his ax; that way if he drops the lick, a guy like me might not notice that he is Milli Vanillin’ his way through the set. I know that he can rock, but why he would half-ass the gig is beyond me. 🎸… Issy the Devil is from Georgia… never mind los DETALLES.

https ://happybluesman .com /how-sound-albert-king//

Les Grifees de King… If you have butterfingers, drop the pick (no pun intended) and try playing with your fingers instead.

Also, a WaWa might come in handy on your Sole… I promised the lady in Green (next to me) when you screamed “fuck” at us, that instead of cracking that ax on your head, that I (Armando Segovia) would write ✍🏻 about the “experience” instead… but that’s just ∵ if Eye is going to pound on something it is going to be on drums.

Any questions? Or were you cocksuckers just fucking around?

It’s Monday in Paris and Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii

🎶 Pintor que pintas iglesias… te comento qué “Jim es New Yorkais”, pero a Rachid se le olvidó “vaciar” un ángel de HAITI… en bronce.

La Niña Blanca… Eye can assure you, MikaB… that she is most definitely over 50, —feet tall.

En fin, no worries, because my name is Macario y “La Niña Blanca” is nearby… Eye, shits Ewe knot, Cousin Joe. Knot symbolic, of course.

En fin, Osler 🇵🇪 Amaro, hay te va tu CaLAvera:

🎶 Me dijeron que estas prieta, Y que no te voy a mirar, Yo tengo mucho dinero Y te mando a niquelar, Para que relampaguees, Y te vea en la oscuridad… ⚡

Congratulations to The San Diego Padres on clinching the series against The Los Angeles Dodgers, good luck with that Phuckin’ Philly Phanatic… he’s a real phallic worshiper, ask Ben, Mika, go ahead, ask Ben.

Hallelujah… Goooooo, Dodgers. In 2023.

Ten 10 Tú tu diez