💃🏻 Con ustedes, El Gato Vol’Ad’Or

Deer, Phat Basterd’: Take A Number!

All Thymes are from Central Europe, except when noted, in Hilo, Hawaii, where it’s always Pina Colada en Décalage.

We are experiencing technical difficulties, but whatever Ewe does, do not, Eye says again, do not mix your Maedas with your meadas. The first is a Samurai and the latter, Mi Agüita Amarilla. En fin, el primer duelo del Mil Máscaras is going on right now… 90′ + 4 y al parecer, habrá PENAL!!!


Eye quotes:

It’s Trou, the only good Indian is a Mole d’Olla en Tandoori, long Odyssey short, it’s all Chinese to France, any how GO’ill de Niza, in Hindi asTROLLogy, MEDIA (kaus media) is referenced AS: Purvashada Nakshatra. Now according to the interWebs, The Lord of this system is Venus, whereas the symbol (MAC) is the TUSK of an elephant and IT’S deity is Apas — goddess of Waters ♒, period!

Ahora, our THYME Person of The Jeer is 🥁…

El Gato Bola d’Or!

“¡Fue horrible! »

Está es la historia de un gato
😻     but FO’ist!      😻
On December the 1st, Öüï introduced Ewe,
=====        🧜🏻‍♀️          =====
to Argo Navis, ISSY, Denisa Kerschova,
this is where the MEDIA
ENTER the Seine.

Previously on, St. Matthew’s Band fires up St. Elmo en un tono, 🌬️

… and, Nathalie Piolé, did you know that un ANTOINE ain’t nuttin’ but un 🌬️🎶 T O n O with a Warm (~) Fuzzy for Em(—)Dash over the eNe?


Cookie 🍪 Monster!

D’hagrlin, if you think that I went over my head, with your día~critical accent, the Night Before, that’s because I was scribbling, IT!, en Castellano; ISSY, GÜÏ always pronounce our 5th letter of your A, B, C, D, y … ¡COME 🍪 GALLETAS!

Anyway, Eye swears that Güï is knot parallelling Jack, but… “Play it Sam », Casablanca on both Sides of Atlantis are celebrating.

Tajín 🇲🇦 couscous foufoune (castor) and 🇧🇪 moules fish and frites 🍟.

In local news, Qatar just ran out of Maple Syrup, pass the salt.


Your wish has been denied… 🇲🇦 It’s a good thing that Antonio 🇪🇸 BANDERAS has nine lives.

1 de diciembre — La Niña Blanca

Dear, Denisa Kerschovas, you must read this with the voice of Antonio Banderas, in VFST en Castellano.

An alGOL star system, not the Demon Head in Perseus, but rather the pair in the Constellation VELA 🕯️… should be interpreted as a Dance in the SKY between Stevie Nicks and the recently ECLIPSED, Christine McVie.

With that Puss’ in mind, Denisa Kerschovas,The 7 Main Spectral Types of Stars are:  


O (Blue) (10 Lacerta)
B (Blue) (Rigel)
A (Blue) (Sirius)
F (Blue/White) (Procyon)
G (White/Yellow) (Sun)
K (Orange/Red) (Arcturus)

https ://www .nbcnews .com /science /space /many-centuries-research-suggests-new-facets-blinking-demon-star-rcna 4813

Deer Nathalie Piole, my love…

Eye swears, it is 19:55 CET AND if Herbie MANN hiJacks the Sesame Street theme, Eye is gonna cut that motherfucker. And fuck “The Cookie Munster Too! ».

In the next eh… pístola, St. Matthew’s Band fires up St. Elmo en un tono, —digamos– Rosa mexicano.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /carte-blanche-a-thibault-de-montalembert -3726880

Gonna fuck with some Sirens at 105.1 fm now… don’t wait up. Love you, ditch Phat 🇳🇱 Basterd’.

Vamós México!

“A todos los que aman y a todos los que quieren y aman al fútbol ».

Ángel Fernández


You Make Loving Fun — La Barbie del MAC

The World Cup has officially begun.

Fuck, AS…🇸🇦 🛎️💃🏻🎶


El león no ES como lo pintan.

https ://cvc .cervantescervantes .es /lengua /refranero/ficha .aspx?

Coupe du monde 2022 : TF1 s’excuse après avoir rendu l’antenne avant la fin du match entre la France et la Tunisie  


La Gare de Lyon, Noe’, Como “la pinta” Barbie MAC.


El próximo TORO le corresponde…






Yes, hay dos “aman” en el ángel. Ya sé, and there is a reason for, IT!, but now is Knot The Thyme for that guisado, no hay tamal sin especie.

El Gato Con Botas is having some TAPA[s]TÍA with Mika’s Puss’, hilarity ensues when Mercredi’s Allegretto flys in on top of El Gato Bola[⚽]d’Or.



Deer, Andrés López Obrador, meet Claire McCaskill, she’s from the Ozarks, and she hates Nina, simón que Sí, bâton. bato, spell checker, not that faggety bâton shit! That’s how CEMEX pronounces béton.


Hocus Pocus just entered the seminary at ISSY.

check please♟️

El Gato Bola[⚽]d’Or 😺

… Wanna’ see the Cavalry 🤠 ?