Polo: ACT IV… Shifus Clay… Whistle While You Bridge

I Want To Believe… That Katie Bennet is a magnetic anomaly. 🌋🙊 For starters, KATIE, if that’s even your real name, that TEE at the end of your BENNE is a magnetic 🧲 🧭 anomaly between the ERRE (r) and the ESE (s).

Over at The Louvre, in Abu Dhabi, La Kerschovas is attending the Kamasutra seminar, Alejandro Trebek just called a Daily-Double.

https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2023/3/7 /israeli-attack-wounds-palestinians-as-settlers-and-soldiers-dance

International Clam Chowder They… In Abu Dhabi, the aloha equivalent is not a Flower thingy hanging over your neck, arriving males get a hand-job and women get their Clam munched, but only if you are a REWARDS Card-carrying member.


In this sector, we find Little Nicole on detention, again and that’s Yer’ cue to pull out yer’ pencil and paper and show your work, not just the Wikipedia source.


And starring as Ashton Kushner: Arthur Aitch.

This section is brought to Ewe by the letter H. The letter H, a chopped-off ladder 🪜 cut at the knees, or an 8 that could not be? Tonight’s fip dot jazz is complemented by the glyph A.

Anyhow Amira AL-SHARIF, in this section of the play (middle of the 7th inning) Eye will be presenting you with a Double eet formula to show Ewe, “The Dark Side of The Moon”, es decir, señorita AL-SHARIF, it’s TROU 🕳️ as EYE had estimated, indeed, “IT!, takes tú.”

Can you make it rain harder, Prince… Cutline: As a child growing up between the Krauts and the Frogs, all that Cookie Monster ever wanted to become was the “guy with the whistle” but then Cookie Monster got hooked on the dough.

Entonces, Almira, because Eye knows that you are not going to look our way, please be advised that as our regular non-readers know, neither Öüï nor Mí get to select the tracks, nor the knews of the They, and as a matter of fact, i didn’t select the double eet neither, and because Scott Onstott already laid out all of Paris’ secrets in plain sight, i can’t take credit for running into your war snapshots next to an inverted T.

And in Local news, the so-called “anti-St. Paul’s 64” strike has breached the breeches of bullshit in the History of bullshit, heck, things are so bad in Lafrance across The Atlantic, that CHARLIE “motherfucking” Chaplin re-hashed and took on the role of Ronald McDonald (currently missing), and for the first time since the Vichy Régime of ACT IV in La République, beer shelfs at Évry 20 FranMonoGeoPrix are begining to run low, except for that fucking Pilsner that AUCHAN wants to drench down your fucking throats.

Actually there is no “dark side of the moon… it’s All dark.” Take the sun out of sight and it’s : lights out, Selene. OUT! i tells Ya’.

This can only amount to one of two variables, either the beer delivery 🚚 ran out of fuel, or the beer delivery 🚚 🚚🚚🚚 are blocking the 🦕 fuel 🦖 refineries that powers FUELS MY STRUGGLE at La Maub.

https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2023/feb/12 /officier impliqué dans l’arrestation de Tyre Nichols précédemment accusé d’agression contre un détenu

Over at Shakespeare and Co., In Abu Dhabi, her penis itches, and as soon as she gets a hold of, IT!, she’ll scratch his too.


Penales ⚽⚽⚽ 🇦🇷 La Pulga de Cliñancourt-BAGneux

Zelenskiy says peace message heard despite FIFA broadcast refusal:

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /ukraine-leader-calls-global-peace-summit-video-message -2022-12-18/

El balance sin reconocimiento at TuÎleRIES.

Le Bilan²


 ²~. Monday morning found the Go’ill de Niza next to the main entrance to the Tuileries Garden in Front of Egypt, or a piece of that deity, called Osiris, anyhow. Last night, with all of ruckus of the France 🇫🇷 vS. 🇲🇦 Morocco match that delivered last night’s WC 🇧🇭Finale, the FLICKs kicked Denisas out of the Oratorio du Louvre and so she made her way to the F.I.A. but a White Lambo Cunt-Auch was taking all of the nichos around the ol’Naval Motel à Concorde, where The 🇫🇷 Biggest 🇫🇷 Losers 🇫🇷 Celebrate 🥳.

Naturally, by the time that Les Bleus 🇫🇷 touched ground at CDG, the predatory worms that those leeches in the mainStream media of TFI are, had already moved in and set 📐 up their squat bidon antennes where Kerschovas set her Tati® bags, Dah Night Beef’Eau, nigga!the nerve of Em# Basterds‘.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.


https ://www .lemonde .fr/en/france /article /2022/12/16 /who-are-the-far-right-activists-arrested-in-paris-after-the-france-morocco-game _6007969_7.html

To make matters WO’ist, unbeknownst to the dozen or so children who began to gather around la Place de La Concorde, they began to wonder why they were driven away from La Place de La Concorde in the same fashion as the dozen or so tourists that got driven away from La Place de La Concorde in an Very orderly Fashion güey, like cattle is, if you can Imagine that!, from the bendita Avenida de los Campos Eliseos and onto la Rue de Ravioli!… De Ravioli!!!

Just the facts, Regina, and nothing but d’Arc ⚜️


Anyhow, unbeknownst to the dozen or so children from La Place de La Concorde, the FLICKs were in cahoots with TFI and the Media mogul en Issy-les-Moulineaux, and they (the mogul at Issy–le–Séminaire) wanted to have The COOKIE 🍪 MONSTER all to themselves.

I’m SIRIUS, and you are not.


It’s a sad spectacle, but Öüï did warn all of Ewe about that White Cunt-Auch en los nichos of the Ol’Navy motel at LA Place de La Concord, and now the BONDY kids, who continue; by-the-güey,  to be driven away from La Place de La Concorde at the Very French intersection of Ravioli and la rue Cambon, which coincidentally happens to house the entrance to the ÎleRIES Metropolitan Rail Station of the RATP system.

in Reel Time, cAos Vehicular near and around HR and La Bourse de Médicis a Tu-Île–RIES.

Coincidence? Only if you are one of the dozen tourists or so who used (until moments ago) to ogle at Osiris dick at La Place de La Concorde, just before Aux Champs-Elysées, (Tú times 🎶) … and what those po’little Basterds’ are experiencing right now is nothing more than the cold, but effective Haussmannien system to drive people’s like cattle from one quartier to the next, with minimal loss of “perps ».


Still to come, Katty Kay, in Québec.

En Hilo, Hawaii, son las DIEZ de anoche! TEN, en Inglés, y DIEZ en Castellano, en el PSG 🇫🇷 ils dit DIX³. ils l’appellent le DIX, but he wears a 30.

https ://mauinow .com /2022/12/18 /16-people-taken-to-the-hospital-after-hawaii-bound-flightencounters-severe-turbulence/

³~. Gol anulado por fuera de lugar, sin embargo, “La Pulga » de CliÑancourt logró recuperar la estación del metro parisino, —de Gardel.

Ladies in Gemini:
The G.O.A.T.

In a Messi Minute… Évry thing changes. Congratulations to Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, and to the BIGGEST losers in the Whole Wide World of Sports: Les Bleus 🇫🇷

Previously on, St. Matthew’s Band fires up St. Elmo en un tono, 🌬️

… and, Nathalie Piolé, did you know that un ANTOINE ain’t nuttin’ but un 🌬️🎶 T O n O with a Warm (~) Fuzzy for Em(—)Dash over the eNe?


Cookie 🍪 Monster!

D’hagrlin, if you think that I went over my head, with your día~critical accent, the Night Before, that’s because I was scribbling, IT!, en Castellano; ISSY, GÜÏ always pronounce our 5th letter of your A, B, C, D, y … ¡COME 🍪 GALLETAS!

Anyway, Eye swears that Güï is knot parallelling Jack, but… “Play it Sam », Casablanca on both Sides of Atlantis are celebrating.

Tajín 🇲🇦 couscous foufoune (castor) and 🇧🇪 moules fish and frites 🍟.

In local news, Qatar just ran out of Maple Syrup, pass the salt.


Your wish has been denied… 🇲🇦 It’s a good thing that Antonio 🇪🇸 BANDERAS has nine lives.

1 de diciembre — La Niña Blanca

Dear, Denisa Kerschovas, you must read this with the voice of Antonio Banderas, in VFST en Castellano.

An alGOL star system, not the Demon Head in Perseus, but rather the pair in the Constellation VELA 🕯️… should be interpreted as a Dance in the SKY between Stevie Nicks and the recently ECLIPSED, Christine McVie.

With that Puss’ in mind, Denisa Kerschovas,The 7 Main Spectral Types of Stars are:  


O (Blue) (10 Lacerta)
B (Blue) (Rigel)
A (Blue) (Sirius)
F (Blue/White) (Procyon)
G (White/Yellow) (Sun)
K (Orange/Red) (Arcturus)

https ://www .nbcnews .com /science /space /many-centuries-research-suggests-new-facets-blinking-demon-star-rcna 4813