XI : 11 : ONCE 🇵🇸 … going on 12 tribes from 🇮🇱

Phuck, Benjamin, mister Jefferson, he is a circumcision nazi, and he is hanging like a starved flea on President Biden, who is in debt with the Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. in A., and their IDF PAC* Committee.

That’s Mí At Pinault’s Portal… and for the record, the French Version of The USAF Thunderbirds, missing fighter 🧑‍✈️ flew by at 11h20 in CET.

… [A]nd in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s already the After the unknown soldier They March, and in Paris, France, to celebrate the cinematic release of Napoleon’s epic vacation to Waterloo, los “Tecos* de Le Pen” join a march dubbed by the Left intelligentsia as:

LA MARCHA en pro de l’Amnésie

*~. Historical marker for the Mexican Extreme Right:

The anti-communist movement in Guadalajara developed through the group “Tecos” of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG), identified by Laura Romero as made up of “fascist activists who direct not only the social movement but also the UAG, since it constitutes the curtain that covers their subversive and illegitimate activities

http ://www .scielo .org .mx /scielo

(Romero, 1986, p. 43).

the march piggybacks on the recently commemoration of Kristal Night in post-WWI Germany when Hitler marched in favor of human rights.


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