KRUPS FCM⚽Savoy (Made in China)

It’s Primetime in Hilo Hawaii… en décalage, et de quel ÂGE?

In Local news, pop-up artisans worked in double super-charged time to assemble the red carpet to for the monsters of Crack³

³~. Astro 🇦🇷 🍸del balompié, period. Es un LIO, pero así pasa cuando ISRAEL 🇮🇱 insists on being the Barbarians with the expensive weapons of mass destruction.

³~. Knot, to mention, Pau Paccard, the PHACT that ISRAELITE SETTLERS, are taking a PAGE from the MEXICAN narcos and sporting IDF uniforms’ to intimate the Palestinians in Cisjordania. That’s very Nazi of Israel.

Are you talking to me?

“Wednesday is sacrosanct for me.”

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