Imma la rosa y Juanito la trabaja… Ewe pimp!!! 😉


Up next, The Paris TOURISM BOARD joins les Associations 1901 and to°Get°her, The Paris TOURISM BOARD and them associados will forge a strategy to Tiddy-Up the Social Sights of El Teatro de los dos pueblos.

Breaking news, Juanito Guanabacoa aprendió a utilizar el “tio” español en una expresión con un bretón de Germania… but that has nothing to do with this blog.

If past is prologue, estimada SoFy Velasco, for what it is worth, tus cuentos eran miel de maguey, y no chingaderas… Baby You Can Drive My Car.

Im’ma gonna need a box of reticles reticulados.


For context, Juanito Guanabacoa is the DiCaprio of bilingual twats on his show, that is you’ve got—tune in–but it all works out Évry 23 months, or the expiration date on a récépissé.

Fuck it, my name today is AR-NO. And if you are a journalist interviewing my fellow clochards à la bagagerie (tu-morrow) then you should know that Öüï know that it ain’t nuttin’ but a Maraude thing.

Ain’t no such thing as Mojo, it’s all technique.

And, Tony Palma, you are going to like the Güey that Juanito is going to look, and Juanito Guanabacoa, “Sugar Mercy” is what el pinche diabetico said.

And, oh La Humanidad, Juanito imported los musicos cubanos to Botzaris… pinche coyote radial, eh Imma, abre tu ventana 🪟 para que veas a El Sol 😎.

Por cierto, Imma rosa m’esta… comunícale a Paco² que no sea culo, y que fume mota el hijo de la chingada.

²~. And by Paco, Eye means Taibo.

De cualquier manera, Juanito Guanabacoa, if only the French Nazi collaborationists³ would have turned into the Arts and not public safety, France would not resemble a Sugar Coated Democratic (German) République… eh, Imma: fuck Johnny Hallyday and his fagetty Harley, Aussi. And here is why, Imma Larosa:


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