Fuck yoU, Nancy Reagan… and your actor president Aussi³!

COTEJADO… Bootes Boötis Bisous Barber 💋.


³~. Sincerely, Rock Hudson at The American Hospital in Levallois, Île-de-Pécresse.

Say no to The Regan* legacy… I’m Sirius and happy New 🌑 Moon, fuckers.


*~. Sorry if Eye misspelt your fucking National Airport’s nomenclature.

Any how, this is The War On Peace Report… now with Mexican Fentanyl de la china poblana de BOTZARIS, FRANCIA. And what better color than the very color that represents a certain shade of Pink, and that shade of course is R 228, G 0, B 124, “hot pink” or simply, Mexican Pink. Issy, G.L.O.R.I.A. this segment is narrated by La Barbie.

Now, if you are just joining the:

Time delay between apps, recalibration follows.

מלחמת בזק

please be advised that the maker of this most non-consequential blog do(es) (k)not select the Events of the day, nor the quick snapshots by those who for better or worse made history today. Por ejemplo, Field Marshall Carlin agrees, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Blitzkrieg into Poland… wait, (k)not Poland, but a place called Gaza is making Field Marshall Rommel cringe.

With that out of the way, just a mere few hours after Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obra d’Or, condecorated General Cienfuegos (Kike’s secretary of national defense), don AMLO celebrated Nancy Reagan’s war on “niggers” and “spics” in the United States of the 1980’s by committing the Mexican Army to intensify the fight against “CRACK COCAINE”, after one of his unmistakable soapbox deliveries at the crack of dawn, no pun intended.

72 virgins eh? I told you, “yo no busco, —encuentro.”

The Thyme Warp factor, pay no attention to magnetic North in these frame, it’s only the space 🌌 that bends when real time gets synched with planet Earth, i’m Sirius but don’t take my Word for, IT!, pediod!

So, if you are wondering why Rosa Mexicano instead of Rosa Mexicana, well that would be on account of the 60th Anniversary 🕯️ of La Vie En Rose, of course, and besides it’s tonight’s homework on The Telerama, and it’s a very Chomski thing to print.

🏜️ 🦊

Beautiful Loser… 🏜️ 🦊, he was General George C. Scott’s “Pancho Villa” at the Octoberfest of 1944 in North Africa of all places, best Nazi ever, so much so that he’s become the exception to the Godwin Rules of combat. A mere 15 years later, (una quinceañera, pues) in 1959 a beloved actor who once played the role of Robin Hood, but with a Third Reich accent, died without ever facing a firing squad for spying for the Nazies and for trafficking weapons of war out of the Port of Veracruz and over to Vigo, Spain

Unlike other Robin Hoods… I can speak with a dejo republicano.


Looking back at Ronnie Wood, yes, that Ron, it takes a special “hoodlum” to pull a Donald John Trump on behalf of the Falange and use, Paris, no less, and probably with the aid of their future MINISTER of Culture, monsieur Malraux, to promote a cheesy Hollywood film.

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