Previously on, “Attention All Units!”, it’s DINAH thyme 🎺 : ejotes³ en mantequilla

Fuck Armageddon, This Is Hell.
Bad Religion

50 years and one-they later… Y Cayó la Bomba (Fétida)

Backward Difference…
You can’t see it, but the Moon 🪞 reflection is smacked right in the middle of that Golden pup-tent on Le Socle, do thé maths or wait one for a different view with an Angle from the Astros… Goooooo, Dodgers ☄️


🎸 We’re living in the denoument of the battle’s gripping awe,So what’s the use of being good to satisfy them all? 🥁

~. As in… Goliath learned to paraglide 🗡️ and caught David with his tent ⛺ up 😴💤 and his pajamas on. Oh, the humanity.

Palestine Did Nothing Wrong… it was a pristine attack. To re-iterate, Netanyahou’s DEMONS follows. This of course will disproportionately benefit MACDONALD/Douglas, Raytheon and the PENTAGON—ISRAELI military 🪖🎖️ Industrial MONSTERS.

Albur De Amor
Vicente Fernández, en la Voz de Alicia Leos y su mariachi Las Arrieras.

 🎺 Y todavía valor me sobra Hasta onde tuve apostéSi me matan a balazosQue me maten, al cabo, ¿y qué? 🎻

Now if you are like them fip . fr Sirènes, EWE all are probably ignoring LAS JUDIAS, as fresh garden GREEN BEANS are known in Spain, where Öüï might add, has never BEAN! — … any how here’s some useful information that the Filthy French will not get, get it?, will KNOT get on the Sunday edition of The Juanito Guanavacoa Show, so, without further ADO… Hereeeeeee’s Johnny:

Breaking 💔:
Israel bombards Gaza after Hamas launches massive opération. At least 22 killed (13h CET) on the Israeli SIDE after a multi-front attack.

https ://apnews .com /article


PubLick SerVice AnnoUn-Cement

Laboratorios Camacho en la calle Stanton de El Paso, Texas, and Laboratorios Lo Real de L’Oréal en Levallois-Perret sous Savons-des-Perros Agradecidos (92300) presentan su nuevo producto ancestral para aniquilar a LAS CHINCHES de París “ON THEIR FUCKING TRACKS, period! »…

It’s like the VELCRO for yer’KASHMIR, patron! But instead of clinging-on, this natural ancestral product IMPALES thier little fucking extremities and ZEPPELIN goes here, now RAMBLE-ON you filthy fuckers.

A recently rediscovered ancestral method involves placing fresh green bean leaves around the bed.

John Bonham, notorious ejote eater… his farts are FUN°Kee. But don’t take our word for it, here’s that RECENTLY out-of-the-closet RACIST magazine, ROLLING STONE (1975) :

Bonham … is a steak-and-potatoes percussionist, handpicked, one assumes, for his ability to supply a plodding, stolid, rock-solid bottom—no one has ever accused Led Zeppelin of swinging.

These plants have sharp hairs (trichomes) that act like a nail board for bedbugs to impale their legs on. As the leaves wither quickly, researchers are trying to develop a comparable surface to trap these bugs.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Punaise_de_lit

~. You forgot the buttered green beans mister Jim Miller (1975), Eye bets that you are all full of GINGER and his fucking BAKER, Eric Clapton. Well mister Miller, —fuck you and the “subtlety” of god.

I Am An Anti-denti And I Am An Anti-christ
erradicate dentists… brush your fucking theet, you bums!

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /John_Bonham

Chinches in París… I’m yer’Huckleberry.

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