🎺 Ejotes en mantequilla — The Strips & Strikes

War is a unicorn…

Previously on Top of The Socle at Saint-Merri, the moon was reflecting on the Southwest face of a Golden Tent ⛺. It’s really the millenary story of two brothers and the Strips and Strikes that makes them relevant in REVELATION.


Over at la rue de Notre Dame de Nazareth, The LAZARUS man died. In Bolivia, el padre de todos las causas and t-shirts at La Fête de L’HUMANITÉ was captured and can Ewe IMAGINE, Lennon was about to break the Water on Julia’s WALL 🧱 S.

Only a Fool Would Say That, from a bleu-steel Cold War Barrel of Crackers at any given EVANGELICAL church this Sunday Morning on the Willie Geist show.

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