🎶 Oh, oh… dear, Yoko — María 🍄 Sabina… me quieren gobernar

Living on a sleeping prayer, thank you Jesus, —Tgank Ewe, Lorde.

… and starring as Io, is of course May Pang, y’all.

SEX MAGICK or how I learned to love the tour guide at the Picasso Museum in Paris, France, and here is Y*:

MARR Y THÉRÉSA me quieren gobernar…
Y Io le sigue – le sigue…
La Corriente.

The Thyme Machine on a Long Island Iced Tea with a twist of Piña Colada on the Bavarian Purity Law of hops.

*~. Pronounced as, “why

CELESTIAL COORDINATES are available upon request… but only for the underground section of the Museum, the top floors are, and Eye Shits, EWE knots, under “occupation”, shall Öüï say. Still, top-notch pornography (no photography) for those with Eyes-Wide-Shut to see.

In baseball news… The Republicans are competing for who is going to have their mug painted by Pick-assa.


Wall Street in°GLISH

Dead nature follows, with Willie Heist, on to Theys edition, it’s motherfucking inanimate objects on his motherfucking Sunday Show…

Now about your Thursday’s guest, —ai’ fought the law and El Paso won. Ask, Justice Thomas, (Libra ⚖️) he’ll show you but won’t tell you³, “fuck Anita, there is no justice, this is planet earth! It’s ruled by psychopaths.

Öüï now switch Edie (Eydie) Gorme and Los Panchos en fip . fap to IMER noticias con Pablo Picasso.

³~. T.J., please relay to Cousin Joe that he may use that quote on his 4th hour, —and Donnie Deutsch can go fuck himself to 🏈 (el ovoïde).


p.s.: I can cope with death, Willie Geist, but not with Child Alienation dictated by a politically-elected county-red neck with a law degree.

Gonna’ take a nap now. You may all go and, well… you know, to Acapulco.

Mean while en Zzz 💤 😴 Ville… I Dream of Popcorn 🤯

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