¿Boleros psiCOdelicos? Solo los de Cantinflas³ empeyotado 👞

 “Are You Not Entertained?”

Proximo priest, he used to be a Roman slave turned Gladiator, later a circus owner, and then he died… for To They’s Daily Double, what is Australia famous for besides dingo dogs, syphilitic koalas, or platitudes that look like the unholy union between a duck and beaver?

… How does it feel, Denis Soula? How does it feel you son of a, and Eye quotes, “son of a bitch”.

³~. Raquel’s Shoeshine boy

For those not current, like little ol’Mí, on the happenings at La Maison de l’Amérique latine (MAL217-SGP) I’ll save you the scrolling down into the bowels of another era, an era when Évry thing convenient ceased to operate on Sundays in France, why in those days being spotted inside of a McDo (McDonalds if you’ve never been to Spain) would get you banned from the neighborhood bistro and/or dive.

Any how, Denis Soula, you son of a bitch, it was the Month of April in Paris, and if you don’t believe Mî well you can just send your programming monkees to La Mal217 and ask for Lioncio Ornella, an architect who moonlights as the mayordomo d’Alain Rouquie³² (ex-ambassador of France for Latin America in the years of the G.A.T.T.) there about the little pasquín that I wanted to make an enterprise of (it was sacrilege, of course³) and the warning that don Leo issued to me as he shook my hand and gave me his blessing to go ahead and cover the events that happened there, (in what was a stale Year of Mexico in France of 2011) was that, “It’s not always about the poor”.

Over at the BBC, Paul’s broken a glass and now he’s fixing a hole in the wall.

Historical Beatle Theory suggests that Ken Russell’s vision of Huxley’s “Devils of Loudun” was saved by the hidden hand of Lennon, on the condition that there would be a BLACKBIRD exécution with, wait for it… A Warm Gun.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s operator’s would use that slogan later during his regime in Texcoco. Look it up, it’s public record, and if you copy and paste without showing context or actual work, then you are a Prime Candidate for the Amnesty International ex-police officer from a SHIT HOLE NATION refugee program in France, you just have to make your flight schedule from whatever Shit Hole Nation that you are arriving from fit a landing strip in Barajas, an airport in Spain, where I’ve never been.

I reckon that it is those type of immigrants that Mister Macron and his boy-wonder Darmanino  are referring to when it comes to filling-in all of those new MADRINA French program jobs at a supermarket near you (in France) which are now opened on Sundays, or at a McDo entrance (now that The 🍟 Clown is MARIANNE’S biggest employer and commercial building renter in France).

WARNING ⚠️ THE FOLLOWING IS KNOT, Öüï repeats! IT IS KNOT just another “Hunchbacks’” story, está joroba si que joroba, joder!

Ancient Beatlemania and I’m-a-phoney productions présent: Ya Chole Con Tu Joroba, Jodorowski.


Now ladies in Gemini, I am only saying, or rather finger-banging it on a mobile téléphone azerty “kdyboard*” because unlike other Zorro’s, I know that JOAQUIN “phoenix” MURRIETA was from Sonora, and not from Chile, I don’t care what Pablo Neruda said. Fuck him, and COMODUS Aussie.

*~. Can you imagine Sergeant Marjolaine Portier-Kaltenbach, if pianos came in QWERTY/AZERT and other assorted glyphs?

What would Tres Palabras say, but most importantly, would these get lost in Translation? Ewe bee the judge, Maya…🌹


The big test period for that private security program starts upon arrival of the first Olympic Games delegations to France.


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