Breaking News … the Moon just collided with Antares path 🦂

Ladies in Gemini the following post is best enjoyed super imposed over Marjolaine Portier-Kaltenbach with a bowl of Chili 🇨🇱, but if youse the kind of nigga who likes to warm-up the popcorn 🍿 like Medhi Hasan does, well then head over to the most pompous pompelouse program of them ‘Ol at la Maison de La Radio 📻 “jizz-à-fap”, but that’s just the Dirty Lowdown.

https ://www.radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /comme-a-la-radio /jizz-a-fap-face-b-con-chilly-quebeçois

¡No sea culo y fume mota!


https ://www.radiofrance .fr/fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /tout-nouveau-tout-chaud-les-tresors-jazz-de-la-rentree

A cross the universe … bass 🎸 sound provided by:
Jaco’s Al-Pastourious 🥙
— 1987 Jaco Pastorius,
American bass player, composer, and producer.

nuttin is going to change my World.

Casio times is for fags who love Pandas, sin ganja, en lancha 🚤…


It was inevitable, Öüï caught a light polluted snapshot of Selene kissing Saint Jacques right in the mouth, it’s the middle of the half in the poles before heading on a collision 💥 course with Antares in Scorpio.

Here’s the breakdown of that doomsday trajectory 🌌

Antares never had a chance… because Évry body is living in a Material World, on a flat disc made of Stars of 45… Video killed the radio Stella de Citlali en El Cosmos de Nueva York… on a Chilli Bowl.


Ophiuchus is not just a Canadian porn actor… but yes, Barbie cut that Snake right out of them loins. Fuck, Mary Kill was there! She’s a grizzly from Vancouver, but Évry body thinks that the bitch is from Ontario.

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