𝄆 Répétition to the left 🎭 — Obrigato obrador

Good girls go to heaven, bad broads get a Barbie®️ on Deadline in Washington.

…  Quick note to the Brazilian fugitive* :

*~. Yes, that one. The one who killed his girlfriend.

If I could do it all over again, I would not have tried to keep things legal, on-the-level, and most definitely, not as a string reporter. Instead, mister Cavalcante, I would land in BARAJAS just to say that I’ve been to the fucking place and then grab a 9 € bus from Madrid to Paris, which I might add, mister Cavalcante, were not de-regulated back in 2010 when this leg of the journey started. That came later when, the current French president was just another minister next to Manuel Valls’ in Hollande’s house at Le Elysée.



But first, it’s Stanley’s reminder that September is the Mexican “Cinco de Mayo” month, because it is their (criollos) Independence Margaritaville celebration but without the fucking whiteness of college students on break, just a bunch of remote-workers gentrifying a dried-up lake that used to be called Text-CoCo, or some silly nomenclature like that, but in Náhuatl.

… and mister Cavalcante, the good thing about this most non-consequential blog is that your fugitive-ass will never see, IT!, read it, {and / or} even glance at it. Long story short, you should ignore all urges to head south of New Heaven and stow yo’Ass on any given life boat of a big ol’Ship and head on over to Le Havre, where your talents are needed for a new crime docu-series on TFI² :

It starts today , offered daily on France 2, is a program in which the testimonies can be terrifying, as was the case recently. This Monday, September 11, 2023, the theme of the program was: “ The murderer lived on the same floor. »

That’s right Mr. Souza, you too can live the dream of Juanito Guanavacoa on rfpp . Net, heck, nigga, I reckon that in no time you could even open your own Capoeira Association of The Law of 1901.

https ://www .toutelatele .com /un-voisin-tue-sa-voisine-et-abat-ses-enfants-agace-par-le-bruit-faustine-bollaert-recule

Tell the mayor there at Havre, that Eye sent you. You are gonna like the way you look, The Men’s Warehouse guarantees, IT!


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