Ladies in Gemini ♊ — Vicky Carr


Last Call for the Five o’Clock crowd.

😇 🍔 HILARY 2016 Thanks Obama!

It’s Marga Rita Ville, again.
Ain’t no Hamburgers in Hell, but I, Armando Segovia, will hook you up, Mr. Buffett, regardless if Rachel Maddows’s husband, lets that bitch work in the bedroom at 3 a.m. in the morning… or Knot ☄️.

… and Congressperson Scarborough, f°u°c°k° YOU too.

All the thin red lines that fit in The Passion of the Mexa.

… and Congressman Scarborough… never mind the YATCH ROCK, because much like the things that qualify as news… There’s a Knew Kid In Town, ISSY, you son of a bitch, youse gonna like the WAY YOU LOOK. Enjoy [ 🏌️ ]

Le chanteur et milliardaire américain Jimmy Buffett est mort à 76 ans


Entonces, what a way to dispatch the month of August, Super Blue Moon³ and ol’. Anyhow September is Mexican “let’s fuck the shit out of the cenotes in La Hermana República del Yucatán” Heritage Month. And what better way to do that DEED than with a staple of “gringo exeptionalism” along the Gulf of Mexico and the CariBEANS. For contemporary purposes, those WHITE MOTHERFUCKERS walking their dogs on a leash (not including their mexican fuck-boys) in MEXICO CITY are nothing more than the continuation of MARGARITA VILLE, except that TO THEY, to they is just GENERAL GENTRIFICATION with a nice country song “moonlighting” as an ISLAND melody.

All Those Years Ago.

I love you Jimmy Buffett but you are going to play your songs (pour l’éternité) for a CHILENAN GENARAL who just so happen to have commited suicide for killing a collègue of yours.

But don’t worry Jimmy, Évry-fucking-time that I eat a hamburger you too, will be tasting that dead cow, but yours will have that maggot-ie sense as you chew on that delicious beef-patty.

https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /amériques /20230830 –chilisuicided-un-ex-général-condamné-pour-meurtre-lors-du-coup-d-étatmilitaire-de-pinochet

Because the Eye Rho Ní is, that FERNANDO VALENZUELA’s (34) legacy, like the Colosio’s en La Sultana, emigrated from SON°ORA to another place, Fernando chose Yucatán, y el hijo de un candidato: Monterrey.

³~. Goooooooooo, Dodgers ☄️ 24 wins at the top of the eight month of 12.

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