💅 Swing-it, baby — Groove is in the heart

Premio Nacional de Tauromaquia 2023

Super Luna en DĂ©calage … DĂ©pression Patricia en Finistère, para Patricio en Chihuahua… Ă“rbita para principiantes en La S.E.P.


Cambio de 1/3… mister Smith, —Jack! Gets his alternativa en el ruedo de WaWa Land con un buey de Queens; Trump 545 kg.

 — It’s Luman, Dumas, not Le Mans; dumb ass!

This is not the first time, I am old enough to remember how theater was banned in Chihuahua by the father of the femenecidio FenoMen.

And if you think that “al-gorithms” and Art-ificial In-telligence is a new phenomena in the tech universe, then you clearly have not seen the Spanish film, “El Primer Torero Porno” or « The First Porno Bullfighter » if you are French, because one of the scenes depicts a fed-up employee who in an effort to make ends meet after losing his job, invents a ‘gadget’ that can pick-up every newspaper đź“° headline within a 10 meter radius of 10 meters. Look it up, and don’t be mislead like all streaming platforms on the nanny-net because while there is nudity in that film, it doesn’t compare to the pornography displayed by an overdosed Tijuana donkeyÂł at Tom Hanks “Bachelor Party” in Manhattan.

— 1610

During Henry Hudson‘s search for the Northwest Passage, he sails into what is now known as Hudson Bay.

Super moon aftermath… After glow.


After the break it’s FemmeNazies y Paquita la del Barrio vS. El Solitario y Anthony Quinn

https ://www .cnn .com /2023/08/02 /americas /chihuahua-mexico-bans-misogynistic-lyrics

Y si es desĂ©rtica, que no se te olvide regarla… you may grab’Em# by the cunt, but you better not kill the groove. La femme! Kill that bitch. El gobernador te da’Fuero, diputado, y la Embajada de Francia en “la Hidalgo” te da una medalla al merito instante… de puro mĂ©rito.


Anyhow, HIDALGO’S head was sacked for a “Special Delivery” for The Guanajuato Jazz Fest… in Chihuahua, no less, you can ask Marsalis, that nigger ones me five bucks, way back en El Cervantino. Wynton was part of this whole re-shaping of the K-6 curricula, Martin Luther’s family was included in the “transformation”, but yo’ass is going to have to go back in the time-line to react about D.A.T..!

ÂżDar o no dar? That is to say, Âżdas capital, that is the question?

A Marx and Zagán production.

Karl Zagán y la distribución of wealth entre las « llamadas » estrellas del 45.


And isn’t Purple Pundit, IT!, ironic? Eye means, Rev. Al, how would it look if, say, Armando Manzanero told the N.A.A.C.P. that Steavie Wonder was a figment of Creole imagination?

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