Ocho con cinco de la mañana en la CDMX… chubascos follow ⛈️

Sin Embargo it’s PRIME-THYME in Hilo, Hawaii, Issy-Jesús±Built~My🎲Hotrod… it’s a love affaire, mainly Florence (Cassez) y mi carro.

Reach out and touch, Faith, Faith is solid like Pierre 🪨 knot 🪢 like Blandine who eats feijolada sin puerco.


Any how, it’s been brought to our attention that the World del Mundo de Asvazadourian ⚜️ en Le Monde does not wish to witness the Twitter (X) duc-it-out with the Facebook android (punto-y-coma) instead, what the World really-really wants to see is Captain Ibrahim Traoré (Burkina Faso 🥊) fight Presidente Volodymyr Zelenskyy in another rendition of THE THRILLA IN THE JUNGLE OF MANILA 🤼.

Across The Atlantic, les giboulée de la Prima Vera decided to grâce La France con el mes de Augusto

🌧️ 🎶 pues como no si me sobra, — razón 🪗

Over at Hidalgo’s Place, Öüï just got wind (and it was a  stinky 🦨 deadly dart to the nostrils on a packed metro 🚇 wagon) that Ambassador Asvazadourian ⚜️ is the main “Ardillos” enabler. Across la Delegation Cuahutémoc, “los motonetos 🛵” are not amused.

Any questions?


Now, before Öüï continues, Eye would like to re-emphazise that Inter~mission warnings are in effect  in spite of what Denis Soula relays to his Artificial Intelligentsia at Issy-les-Moulineaux…

Nada de nostalgia… just the facts, mister.


Shake your groove thing, Nájar, shake your groove thang, y no, Nájar, el chile-en-nogaDa no lleva condón… pero eso es mera cuestión de huevos.

https ://foodandwineespanol .com /el-dilema-de-cada-ano-el-chile-en-nogada-va-capeado-o-no/

On the platter:

The Beat with huevos rancheros en Portugal.

Depleted uranium with granadas en nogada… con feijolada saudade de fado.


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