And now for the breakdown 🤯

And, Katty Kay, I’m not even gonna’ go D.A.R.E., yet (punto y coma) until High Noon on Friday, the 20-first. Eye knows that youse good for it, but Öüï still likes to get high in advance.

Here’s Hope For Ewe.

Ask Menéndez, Hope es Pera³ en Español.

³~. Esperanza is the nomenclature.

And Eye needs Hondo³ for that.

³~. From Truth and Consequences and across White Sands Missile Base and all the way down to Las Cruces, New Mexico—to the Badlands of Rosa’s Cantina en El Chuco, the word “hondo” is not just deep, it’s also COLD HARD CASH.

Public Service Announcement:

One minute to Primetime.

Sink Florida all the way to Bermuda. Thanks for going private 🏰 ARMY 🏰.

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