Sexenio³ en E.S.I. Agora (La Samaritaine)

Enter Moniquethis one is right up your alley, mister Paterni, and because I know for a fact that you won’t read this or any other of the fragmented paragraphs of this most non-consequential blog, (I won’t email you a copy either, sir) I must inform you that I neither select the news cycles, the eviction notices, nor the gospel* of E.S.I. Emmaüs. I just re-adjust priorities and roll with your changes in policies ‘tailored-fit’ for a bum like me. It’s not the first time, I have it on good authority that important changes to your immigration written law have been made with me, as the ‘visa incident’ that should have never been allowed to happened… in mind.

https ://www .rfirfi .fr /en /france /20230717 –farrightfrenchmayor-introduces-dogpassports-in-canine-mess-clampdown

For context, just know that for both your current Macronist, and previous Hollandaise 🐄  French Administration, I have been both the gypsy-jew-faggot of the Mitterrand years (during Vichy’s regime) and the sand-monkee-nigger of the Mediterranean. Néanmoins, mister Paterni (and Tony Palma knows this) I wear your Good News* like the ‘legion of honor’, really. I wear your official notices during France’s current transition into the policies of the Extreme Right, like the campaign ribbon 🎀 of that unknown soldier que ustedes (es decir, los franceses) enterraron por debajo del bendito arco de los triunfos de Joaquin Comodus Phoenix 🃏 Guazón… what’s the matter 117 Dujardin was not available to play the role of Bonaparte?

Wag The Dog… the system does not work. SUPPORT your local dog catcher 👮🏿‍♂️ …
Page 179, ¶ before Lydia’s snapshot from the pen of Marie-Ange Schiltz follows below 👇 the belt.

*… and isnt it ironic.

from a Canadian songwriter

And now, this:

_from the editors of, “a book with no page numbers³”  and the word smiths of “AvantPropos“, comes the story of, “Chinguen a su madre y tu mamá también”.

Gawd made me funky, —Dawg, I’m a Pathfinder, knot a Headhunter, but Öüï dig’Em# too.


*~. Gospel And this is why, ain’t nobody hittin’ the Rhoades, because if yo’Colonialist interests at the Préfecture broke, IT!, you bought, IT!… or Dye Eye will blow you a-güey.

³~. *lucky for me, I have the motherfucking book in my hands and I can count them pages, Susan.


[Page V; 10]
Flor Garduño | Canasta de luz | 1989 

Beyond Ebony & Ivory… Viva La France, and its colonies en el Golfo de Cortés, —Aussie.

Page 11, from 1935 c.e.
« Es probable que en este momento la foto en negro ya vivió como (difunta*) en el cine mudo »
*~. aura vécu de Jean Vétheuil en: consideraciones sobre la evolución de la ‘photographie’. Arts et Métiers graphiques, numéro spécial, p. 123

Réunion des musées nationaux
Grand Palais; 08/04 au 06/07 2020

Dear, Susan Page, USA TODAY, please relay to AP Le Mire, that his frustration with the rise of Donald John Trump is analogous (in a bizarro world, of course) to the bump of Francisco Belmont’s Summer Extravaganza Blues³ 🇨🇵 with Maxim Guitar, or some really-really bad Rock and Roll player from France 🇨🇵… or something like that.

Mr. Asvazadourian ⚜️ 🇨🇵 … Öüï see your “fauno” en La Zona Rosa, and Eye raises you a read square with a Sinaloa icon on the area.

Historically, the French 🇨🇵 have always rewarded collaborators [Nazi flag not available in This Fifth 🇨🇵 French experiment before their latest ‘Regime’ or, republic goes “tits up”, just like RATS on a Leonardo DiCaprio, flic] which is no surprise for me —Armando Segovia— on this trip, señora BIRKIN, step right in, don Porfirio Muñoz Ledo is awaiting, the fat-fuck wanted FRANCE GALL but she killed herself when she learned that don Porfirio³ had been granted a French slut to accompany him to El Averno.

³~. Muñoz Ledo, q.e.p.d.

sorry, about that Ms. Birkin, I don’t ink the manifest, I only transport you out of that shell that you were hibernating in and suplex the fuck out of you into  the Juanito Guanavacoa’s Cypress Hill Extravaganza on RFPP, so without further to do and mitigate, in some way the MARGINILADIAD of Juanito’s version of Freddy Cats’ “cholos re-loaded” here’s some Mariachi Jazz for from señor Tony Palma at Paris DOMICILIATION… in Comala-de-un-Bocado, VERGA INSURANCE in Nice (Côté d’Azur) follows.

So blame your  InStiTúTions

Si Nos Dejan

And, Kurt Burdella, or whatever your Asian heritage might be… ask Susan Page, she knows, it’s all in a famous last name, but Nevermind… 📻 It’s all about them Dead Kennedys and Prohibition.

the process

³~. En contexto para Raphael Parenti³, if you, or the good people of l’abbé Pierre at Agora ever should read this ¶…  I recommend a “botellita” de Coca for a better amusement; so stick-around, and I will show your French Ambassador in Mexico [Asvazadourian] how to “white-out” an indésirable « spick » en Châtelet and most importantly, how to make Cat-sup out of his little pussy, Diego.

³~. Counselor 2020-2022 at E.S.I. Agora, for context please check back on Monday, July 24th.

Have a Nice vacation 🪓🪓🪓

in memoriam… immigrants, and the first generation of Ukrainian immigrants to France who loved them.

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