Florence Cassez Strikes A-Gain 🖖 Mano Manu

Tommy Thom, Baby Small and middle-of-the-road tactial members del Club de La Mano Pachona; Pointer, Tall, and Ringo… meet our Muppets syndic Mano Manu and his wife Mais-non Mais-non.


https ://www .politico .eu /un-doigt-coupe-a-ete-envoye-au-domicile-de-macron-selon-le-procureur

And Starring As Thom Hanks, el présidente Macron.


Ladies in Gemini, with the annual mandatory vacations at France Public Radio and the on-going Hollywood Land strike, Öüï the staff have no other course of action than to look up into the dark sky and, watch the Zodíacos do their thing in the confines of, The motherfucking Twilight Zone.


But first, Eye wants to touch base with Marie-Louise’s coke, Eye has some weed, perhaps Öüï could roll a primo. It’s a pushpull kind of high, or 👇 if youse know what Eye means. Personally, They say that Frosted Flakes is where it’s At, Beck.

At the same time, but in another institute, other pendejadas were taking over the stage. I mean, how can I compete with those three little witches? They are fucking adorable you son of a bitch, —but not in a Donald Trump/Ivanka way, o.Kay?

³~. July 12, 2023, @AsvazadourianJP… say hello to Diego, nice Pussy you’ve got there J-P.

Must be the season of the Witch, pues, mister Embajador Azvazadourian.

Marie-Ange continues:
Dans le jardin des Halles, il y a une vieille dame effrontée et facétieuse, Marie-Louise, je la connais bien. Elle verse son rouge dans une bouteille de Coca, goguenarde : « les passants sont plus gentils », dit-elle. Je les croise souvent, elle et son « Coca ». Par un jour lumineux, je la sens inquiète. Après plusieurs hospitalisations suivies de mises à l’abri temporaires en maison de repos dans la région parisienne, les services sociaux lui proposent un hébergement, loin, du côté de Compiègne, le transfert est imminent. Entre inquiétude et soulagement, elle a sur elle les photos du lieu, une grande bâtisse dans un parc. C’est majestueux, il y a de l’espace, mais que deviendra sa vie sans son « Coca » et le secteur des Halles, qu’elle écume mollement pour répondre aux besoins du jour. Dernier échange, havre, liberté, perte d’autonomie, je ne sais, l’histoire s’arrête.

BREAKING KNEWS… wait for’Em#

Ladies in Gemini, as the good mechanic in the Role of a Life Time in the Asteroid City quadrant of our Milky Way Galaxy, “Évry thing is connected but nothing is working”, JUANITO GUANAVACOA is projecting his “estado fallido”, ahora hasta con MOTONETOS, and considering that it was with “motorcycles” that Juanito Belmont “alias” Guanavacoa started his career as a goon for old CHARROS in Mexico it’s not unusal that he gets a FRENCH RETIREMENT and a performers VISApaid for by that FRENCH “I.V.A.” and Euro-taxes.

MORALEJA, Excellentissime ambassadeur, and to quote McCartney’s lyrics, “no es lo mismo, no seas mamun-IA, que AI-mamón”:

The next time you see L.A. raincloudsDon’t complain it rains for you and Mí.

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