And, Reverend Al Sharpton… We (🇲🇽) just got’s u.s³. an Ethiopian warrior

But first…

Ahora cúentame una de Willie Nelson.

Las Barbies

Disposable heros

From The Producers of “Super Fonceur », comes the story of GOLIATH, un jeune super costaud. Starring, Marie-Ange Schiltz’-es-es and les clochos de la rue de l’Ermitage (75020).

Previously on, The Gap Band’s bomb dropping circus en la Colonia ROMA…

³~. estados unidos (🇲🇽), it’s the official nomenclature of the place that, ¹colonizers, ²buccaneers, and *digital nomads en la Colonia Roma call:

Ewe Dropped A Bomb On Mí, pundits—Ewe dropped a bomb on Mí.

🇨🇵 MEC’ˢ y Cº 🇺🇸

Now, the first thing that Öüï must do is keep the Mexican Fútbol National Team from reaching this kid 🐐, but most important, keep that French Ambassador strolling through La Zona Rosa en la CDMX from turning this little gourmand into one of those satyrs en-faunados de Reforma. Let’s find a place for him in the National Basketball 🏀 Team, where is where he belongs… and one more thing:

Eek-a-Mouse now in Quesadilla flava.

Las Quesadillas Si LLEVAN Queso.

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