Of graves 🪦 and graves grammar 🇺🇸 pronounced: peek•poohs

O Ladies in Gemini, con ustedes, The Paris Tourism Board.

Louise Michel is at the mound, and the Mademoiselle d’Ayen is at the plate, and in TROU French fashion (no pun intended at Lafayette’s Gallery) the Paris Tourism Board designated the grand daughter of Ol’ Guts and Glory to throw the ceremonial first pitch at Picpus Stadium. On our next section Öüï head back to Ciudad Juaréz, Chihuahua, where Professor Quintana (of morena-francia / Acción NATIONAL fame at the IHEAL) and 500 horsemen re-enact General Pershing’s persuit of a bad Fello’ called GENERAL Francisco VillaOld Gringo Brice and Zimmerman are standing-by in Hidalgo del Parral, casi entronque con Rodeo, Durango en Inde.

Live from the Hanoi Hilton… on a Holiday Inn.

Hotel 🇨🇵 Métropole… Frivolité en fip. Public 📻, today it’s a fucking french spa. Colonialistes! The whole hexagone of youse, shouted the Jacobins who are just joining the Terror Gardens at Nation where the “last of the French people’s king” is about to enrage a los ancestros of the French version of don Ándres Mélenchon en l’Alliance Française de Chapultepec³.

Here we are now.


14h05… Picpus remains the same… exclusive, to go say the least, even with all them Crackers outside on the street.

Quema Cocos Por Paname.

After the break, Governor “Green Witch” Withmer, I will tell you how your constituents, middle school pedagogs no less, starred as the stingy-entitled-UGLY-opportunistic-NETWORK of Americans in Paris. And if you need coordinates, ask the future author of Lafayette’s wife fiction-ography, she spoke to those fuckers and even exchanged présentation cards, next to the General’s grave, Madisonian democracy at it’s most bare.

Lulu the grey Husky there,
and her human
can not let me tell a lie, Martha…

Léon Gautier, the last survivor of the 177 members of the Kieffer Commando, who landed on the beaches of Normandy to help liberate France on June 6, 1944, died on Monday, July 3 at the age of 100.

Öüï salutes that dirty, rotten, frog.

My name is Armando, soy gerundio g’diondo³ del Nazas, —pero no soy mocho mozo de los Nazis de Nantes en Angers.

³~. Del lat. vulg. *foetibundus, de foetēre ‘heder‘.

Grabando graves con el Excmo. señor Embajador J–P Asvasadourian en gravelandia🪦 de los graves 🤕 grabados 📼.


Llanamente hablando

⁵~. adj. Dit du style : Qu’il se distingue par sa circonspection , son décorum et sa noblesse.
https ://dle .rae .es /gravegrave



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