Una de Camargo… 🎶 and Öüï don’t take no trips on LSD

Centre Culturel Bonlieu… or just as good as any I reckon.

W/OFA. Without Fixed Abode… if you wish and please , Öüï can most certainly notch up a Waltz, mister Valls… bring mister Édouard.

Featuring: Papa Poule (El Gallo Claudio*) and El hArtista exclusivo de Montreuil-sous-Bois, the one and only, Freddy Cats.

*~ Marcelo Ebrard, candidato a Los Pinos… A-Gain.

BELOVED, cotejados:
Loft 3 — Bonlieu.
Pendant huit ans, j’ai côtoyé des hommes, des femmes, des jeunes, des moins jeunes, certains ouverts, d’autres renfermés, parfois propres, parfois moins propres, amicaux ou pas, dont la seule caractéristique commune était l’absence d’un domicile. L’interaction était quasi quotidienne : réunions, assemblées générales, démarches auprès des autorités, permanences, comptes rendus, gestion des fichiers, entretien des locaux, actions collectives (vide-greniers, vestiaire, collectes…) destinées à assurer l’autonomie financière de l’association pour les dépenses courantes. Proximité, familiarité et parfois sympathie, parfois antipathie, avec une frange de la population – que tout un chacun croise avec, usuellement, peu d’interactions – ne veut pas dire discours scientifiquement établi. Je n’ai pratiqué ni l’observation participante, ni le carnet de notes de l’ethnologue. Je n’ai jamais passé la frontière, fondamentale, me semble-t-il, celle de « ne pas avoir un chez soi ». Je suis restée ce que je suis, une ADF – de surcroît, par tempérament, peu encline à l’écoute. Aussi tout ce que je peux dire leur sujet n’est-il, à mon sens, que partiel et partial.


Note to editors:
“Bonlieu” is not listed in the holy petit Robert, however, “bon-chrétien” is, donc, “how do, —you like them Bartlett pears?”… no pun intended, just the facts, Sonia en Annecy?

“His eyes did the talking, he followed the security guards on their rounds with a downward glance, monitoring the cameras…

Live Libé: 

X marks the spot, indeed, IT!, does.
… For eight years, I amalgamated¹ with men and women, young and old, some open-minded, others withdrawn, some clean, some not so clean, some friendly, some not, their only common characteristic was the lack of a domicile of a chante².


Libération  N° 13048
Friday June 9th, 2023
Page 3

¹~. Côtoyer, a false friend for all of the dyslexic non-readers of the Mexican vernacular agro🍅speak, ‘coyotear‘.

… No aggressiveness, yet I sensed the dangerousness in him.”

Anonymous employee at the CCB in Annecy (Haute-Savoie). 

Schiltz continues:

Interaction was almost daily: meetings, general assemblies, approaches to the authorities, red tape³, standby duty, reports, file management, upkeep of the premises, collective actions (garage sales, checkroom [cloakroom], collections, etc.) designed to ensure the association’s financial autonomy for day-to-day expenses.

²~. Chante, basically a pad 📰✍️… ask Beto O’Rourke at the El Paso Times, Bobby is the Calo expert.

Ten years ago, Edward Snowden warned us about state spying. Spare a thought for him, and worry about the future.

³~. démarches auprès des autorités, red tape.

Hail, Hail Rock and Roll ✌🏾

And, Reverend Al, as you pray for repented criminals, spend some Pennies for Benny:


https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2023/jun/06 /edward-snowden-state-spying-guardian

🎶 Beads and Roman sandals won’t be seen…

🎶 Leather boots are still in style for manly footwear… Hee-Haw!
Proximity, familiarity and sometimes sympathy, sometimes antipathy, with marginal group of the population – whom everyone usually comes across with little interaction – no quiere decir, a scientifically established discourse. I didn’t use participant observation nor the ethnologist’s notebook. I’ve never crossed the fundamental boundary, it seems to me, of “not having a place⁴“. I’ve remained what I am, a WFA (whoof’Ah) – and by temperament, not a very good listener. So anything I can say about them is, in my view, only partial and tendencioso⁵.

⁴~. I don’t wish to sound bias, but the Sacré lengua de Molière knows not what a home or an hogar (en Castellano es), en Francés pues, un ‘chez’ es un lugar, this does not mean that the French don’t have ‘houses’ or an abode to dwell. Linguistically it seems, that in translation the French simply don’t have a word with the scent and humor of a home… sin embargo the French do have las muy mentadas Madeleines de Proust por todo el mundo y puntos intermedios.

⁵~. Biased.

Hello, Pat… say hello to TED. You two are sharing eternity together.


Previously on Ween it’s, “piss up a rope” with your host, Jack Santa Luz.

Raindrops are falling on Mí Park.

Note to Thomas de Corbillón:
Naturally, the minute I asked Jack not to piss on the green, the motherfucker sent the water clouds over the Bleu Hex.

The WO’ild is a ghetto.

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