🌱 Detrás de la Sierra 🪚 Godwin’s Law waits for Ewe

Canon en ré Majeur pour cordes et basse continue.
Johann Sebastian BACH
Choral BWV 721; Cantate BWV 147 : Choral nº 10; Cantate BWV 167 : Choral; Cantate BWV 140 : Choral nº4… Orchestre de chambre Jean-François Paillard.


It’s Medio Ambiente Day, so, without further ADO… fuck you Donny Deutsch and Fuck your ugly hypnotist suit… Esto es: It’s Pleno Ambiente, the whole 33 1/3… here’s your Revolutions per minute, puff on this, Donnie. You son-of-bitch! She’s a good lady, JO’mama—she told Mí that she had trouble admitting that you were adopted.

Secrets On Plain Celsius, that’s the secret for the ‘ondulations’ on that there Unidentified Musical Object, over the lavandería at Tuileries.


…but seriously, Eva Longoria, you’ve been to France, you’ve met the head cook, and that is all that Dora “la exploradora” told Mí, —Eye swears. Ask Donnie Deutsch, and then tell him to go spin Phi-Phi on Decca.

Why Phi Phi, Ewe might ask? Well let’s back-masque this bitch, or as the bon gens du beau monde such as the Open Jazz disk jock says, “turn the page” to 1918, on VICTOIRE Day:

Nothing-To-See-Here, or is it?

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /musicopolis /1918-henri-christine-cree-phi-phi-

and thus, my deer Phat Basterd’, “My Struggle” began to brew… no pun intended.

I’m Sirius, heck for the past 13 years or so, Eye has been telling Marianne that Marcel Marceau is dead, and that nobody knows who Coluche is outside of Saint Honoré. But the civilized world now knows who Kenzo (not that one🌷) is.

https ://www .bbc .co .uk /sport /football /ajaccio-french-club-strongly-condemns-attack-on-boy-with-brain-cancer-at-game-against-marseille

Anyhow, objects in mirror 🪞 are closer that I told you that I thought.

Previously on… Frogs : what a weekend, eh! LUCHA LIBRE at Roland Garros, Mexican Burlesque between two theaters, and beating up an 8 year-old brain cancer patient just because he was wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt ☄️ Goooooooo…. Dodgers.


And please, don’t anyone bring back the “quinceañera” who got stabbed in the woods (not gonna say where, güera) and then burned alive, so pena of being E-victed from Montpellier.

We found La Kerschovas getting sucked through a loophole in a Milonga across from Saint-Maur and dumped behind a boogie-mobil in Australia. Over at El Cerro de Las Noas, en Torreón, Coahuila, Rodolfo Bruneau-Boulmier just ate Queen Victoria’s last roseta shaped penca. Behind the gas-guzzlin’ CHEVALERET Sierra™ we find Émilie Munera scissoring a pocket pussy that she found on inside of Rodolfo’s backpack as she was fetching a bottle of Mescaline… Oh, the Echo Chamber effect coming out of that truck’s bed.

Katty Kay has cracked the mystery, Miss Alemany follows through, and know I know why Ken Delanian is blushing.


In Australia, c’est évident that Là Kerschovas está Furiosa! However, the sounds out of the Bach of Emily’s CHEVALERET Sierra™ are, let’s just hope that she is enjoying the find, or Rodolfo is going to get his wee-wee cut off.


And in El Ey… all that I can say, is that at least We are not French… Congratulations to the Evil Empire for Breaking the Doors of Dodger Stadium 🏟️, damn nigga! What are you, like some kind of Truck. Jesus efin Christ.

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