And just to piss-off Leonardo DiCaprio, La Kerschovas played Great White🔥

Over at the Five Continental Concepts…

Like Napoléon in Rag

My incompetence.
1~. Standard date format.

2~. Compared to la rue de Belleville or Menilmontant, the Saint-Michel Blvd. is rather flat, which is why prefer not to use the verbal expression: go back up.

3~. Since we are touching on FUNK, why not use the street vernacular to describe a place called home.

4~. This is what you get for using LATIN to describe SOMEONE.

5~. Direct translation for SDF seems tricky, I would have preferred “unsheltered”, however the adaptation of the French « SDF » would lose its flashy social-code.

6~. … I read the news today oh boy.

i~. Standard Associated Press quotation format, in this style, the COLONS become redundant next to a quote, except of course if the quotation gets shifted to a new and indented paragraph:

like so…

in this scenario the quotation marks become redundant.

— Oakies squat an abandoned villa en las faldas de FrĂ©jus… Bobby DiNero is not a muse.

In local joints, Ă–ĂĽĂŻ now returns to our Translation in Interpretations and a small Adaptation of our colleague at The Place Where Évry Body Knows a “quidam – pro quo” .

And, Phat Basterd’, did your Phat-ass just got E-victed from Natalie’s place? Oh, the humanities… anyhow Marie-Ange Schiltz at the CNRS… “Con su permiso, dijo Monchito ».


Apparently, all of a sudden, Évry body wants a spiral, now… Oh, the lack of Imagination.

Eye knew La Pompadour, bitch owes MĂ­ a Clef de Sol en la’Scale de G, man, de G, hombre de l’Ombre.


If only the Paris Tourism Board had the Palancas.


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