Pistolero Crêpe — A la conquête de l’Ouest 🤠

Cut! It’s 16h in CET and, motherfuckers … Here comes the Sun 🌞.

& Julietta… please stand-by for Mia from BrUTEP!

In a world… where Julietta Capu…Leto didn’t swallow the poison, and the gun was a real prop, unlike that Rust-ridden rosco from The Tombstone set with the Baldwin mayor, comes the story of Shakespeare, the pornographer.

And, Juliet… after the break i will send “the list*” to Heileman, & Katty Kay, never mind The Wager in La Patagonia, I know a “lord of the flies” place where Évrybody knows your name, néanmoins you have to be a Tenure Diplôme del CNRS to tale tell the tale, you know the protocol, first, 🇵🇪 Mario Vargas Llosa at l’Académie française has to have the preliminary DRAFT translated so that he can then send it over to Grabiel At-All at The Ministry of FeedBuzz at l’Élysée.

*~. /r/nsfw/list


From the producers of Once Upon A Spaghetti with The Boss, and “Dancing in The Darkhouse”, comes the story of how Buzzfeed died. But FO’ist, it’s 14h in CET and TLALOC just started to piss, on a crowd that is about to hit Bastille.

You are welcome, Agent Angle… it is now 14h26 and TLALOC sent the rain a-Wey. Carry-on.


Once Upon A Time on The Buzz Feed De France á SciencesPo… and Cousin Joe, if the Buzzfeed Obituary page-feed was a grave, Loki would be dancing on It’s its epithet.

³~. Unless of course, the aforementioned “buzzfeed”, didn’t uncover the lead, and was in with a 🇲🇽 NARCO-STATE 🇲🇽 at the Unesco to black-ball me (back in 2016)  just for “funsies”, as the now-bankrupted media “giant” puts it, on one of its “Tic Toc™ time pieces”🪶.

Previously on the habitude de une ADF

Marie-Ange Schiltz was pouring over her working process for the CNRS:

Also, I am used to work with a reality altered strongly  by the fractioning of categories that I then enumerate. Then follows the choice of the statistical treatment, which, far from being neutral, involves a different loss of information in accordance to the technique of analysis implemented.

Venn Diagramming the situations followed by cutting your potential losses, perhaps?

Introductory synopsis of  Schiltz’s opening Sesame into SKID ROW in Paris France… with a time-delayed perspective as seen from an American asshole in France.

El primer torero porno strikes, —A-Gain!


Le Havre, France… 🎶 👄 well, Ewe Ho’id about Leone’s whistle while you WO’ik FO’ A Few d’Allas More (Pum!) It’s not one of those, this here is the story of a lonely Jeanne d’Arc next to Regina-en-Face aux Louvre.

Ladies in Gemini, una de vaqueros, starring La Vache qui rit 🐮 y los siete enanos toreros de Barcelonnette… Moooo!


& GO’ill de Niza, Old Nick is an Angel. Just because “the devil” was deported from paradise doesn’t take away his so-called essence, motherfucker remains as much an angel as any of El Patrón sicarios from Above. And isn’t that what all angels are, assassin for God? Except for Grabiel, that motherfucker is Baby Jesus’es dad-ese. God may be omnipresent like John Heileman on my adult needs history, but God is also impotent, which is why God is so merciful with VIAGRA and a total prick with abortion needs.

https ://theguardian .com /world /2023 /apr /27 /spain-bans-decades-long-tradition-of-dwarf-bullfighting

Looking for new frontiers The Snow White Show relocated their circus to the Normandy region of the HEXagone. The scheme of them French snowflakes of the RN, for Reaccionarios Nacionales (por sus SIGLOS en Francés) is to “re-conquer the west” and to troll the next runner-up for the position of Administrator of the VIéme République Française, Philippe Édouard.

And, Katty Kay, what says your RN’s over on Rosbifs land?


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