¡Ah cabrón, qué putos diantres con ese Inter°mezzo, Em°i°lie Mundera‽


Over in Wisconsin, La Kerschovas crash-landed in the boonies and got sucked in through a Wabbit hole with a direct line to Sydney, Australia, where our correspondent The Tasmanian Devil learned that Émilie Munera is in fact, a mother°efin°marsupial, with pochette and ‘ol.

With a name like Bruneau-Boulmier next to Rodolfo, you know that Rhodo is a sort-of, middle of the roadkill hybrid between a Reindeer, a duck, and judging by his feet, a frog. In-deed Rodolphe is the French Outre-mer platypus version from Bretagne, Champagne, or Reims, pehaps even Orange… Eye, has already noted the Cerf-panthére hybrid on the Pause de 20 minutes at the metro stop. So trust Mí on this one Mika, Joe is indeed Mediocre, that bum would be nothing without Willie GEIST and his dead-pan puns… button your pants, Rubee Tuesday. You look like a 🪙 Florida 💵 chayote 💰 on cable news. You are TUCKER CARLSON with an indignez-vous script… and Cousin Joe, immigrants for Ronald Reagan were just a prop. Just like your sweet grama was for the Evangelical South

Chayotte in red letter on the Greatest Story Ever Told: Les New Apostolique Miserables de Alabama


But first, sad news from Birmingham. Our godfather in Metal, Ozzy Osbourne is on his way to Kaboul. Mister Osbourne had just quit El Ey following the wonton violence unleashed by that nigga Nygaard in the Perry Mason track of the number 7th studio album, of the Seventh wonder of the world titled: Ozzmosis, Juan can’t literally make this shit up, Miss Schiltz.

…if youse out of Schlitz, youse Schiltz out of luck:

American Pi … 3.1416, etcétera, etcetera, et ζ RA! — It’s Friday’s Eve at The Ana Cabrera Show.


Any how, Don’t call this a “biting the hand that feeds Ewe”, example. For the 1001 Thyme, “thank’s for the bolony sandwich,” Eye really means , IT!, Really-Reuily. But if your Institutions are starting to ‘experience’ the Netflix line-out (or was it Line-out?) from LA MANO DE BERNARDO GÓMEZ films, then don’t blame Mí for quoting Flaubert, mi estimado Tavo.

Sources close to Mickey Mouse, in Chessy-sur-Marne, relay that the Paranoid customs officer tasked with checking the Rock icon’s visa as he returned from a trip in to Paris could not understand a word that Ozzy spoke at the entry point. Ozzy was still wearing his 1001 Aladin Nights with La Kerschovas rags and the ignorant border cop immediately decided that Ozzy was in fact an Afghan Wing militia member and off-to the Midnight Express to Talibanlandia it was.

Ozzy tried to get Perry Mason on his deportation Speedy Gonzalez-like trial on a Banana Court, like the one dealing with ABORTION and Gun Laws in The United States in América, however, Perry Mason was sent to Chino, California, to play on the Frontierland Pinto League, for defending Mexicans in El Ey.


Breaking Le Parisien news 📰

… We interrupt this programmation to bring you the latest from our man in The Highlands with a OVNI directional view of all the pretty little Belle Ville (plural) of the whole wide world.

In Edinburgh it’s Romantic Thursday but in Hilo, Hawaii, Allegretto Junior remains in effect for another 15 minutes. With that in mind…ALARMA, AL ARMA LA de tos.

Las Estúpidas Calaveritas (2011) de Freddy Cats y su noche de los Narcos, o algo así.

Some say that the kids are all right, but this one is straight out of one of Freddy Cats “cholo” characters from the borderplex between Montreuil-sous-Bois and la Belle Ville de Vincennes. Pat Patrouille and un Guignol from Mexicali, BC, in Aztlán are on the trail of little Rose-Izabella .

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