Allegretto at chez Los Feliz in El Ey… Ji, ji, ji⁸

It’s Primetime in Hilo Hawaii, Oh-nine 45 a.m. in La France

Musical Guest, Kurt 🎩 While.

So, it’s National Sport’s They in France, and to begin the transmission, why not knot actual sports affected by the reform at hand and how the 2024 Olympics IN Paris, France,  will do absolutely nothing for the SPORT ASSOCIATIF & BÉNÉVOLE* of those ghetto buildings on the North Side of Marseille, but that’s just me not believing about tomorrow, but about today.

In any case, this blog is not appropriate enough to feature in here what I have seen in the past decade, or so. So, meet me on the next page. In the mean time here is a teaser for The Melle. Pitch Award at Emmaüs:

If you are a French student struggling to read this message, in English, no less… know that it is the old fuckers in your Hex’a-gone who are making the most noise to secure your future, in any case, good luck on your BAC results, it’s not like you have it made like Vanessa Paradis, who, I am sorry to say Johnny Depp, does not deserve the shit she gets, but that is just me.


And if you don’t believe me, ask the fellow bum busting my balls for doing what I do best, which is getting the facts to relay to You French Motherfuckers what is happening under your Stupid fucking noses.

As you were.

Fuck you, Donnie Deutsch! Fuck you, fuck your brand, and fuck your firm. You and Donald Trump are the same, you just haven’t got caught, like that Juanito Guanabacoa in France… which brings us back to LAST WEEK to THEY, motherfuckers.

In fact fuck all advertising firms, especially the ones in France. But don’t take my word for it because one has to be a pasty-cracker in France to bash Marianne, like the guy who wrote “Paris I Love You, but you are a fucking CUNT!”, or something like that, from one of those pretentious Café (plural) in France, and I mean the entire HEXagone… knot just at la Place des Vosges.

Excellent articulation, Luciano, keep playing Constance, just don’t slay the Keys, least you want to piss-off Émilie Moreau.

This segment is being brought to the Service du procureur de la République (in France) courtesy of Mr. Griffith J. Griffith, in the Los Angeles Basin of the Pacific Tectonics Plate near Mount Baldy and Rancho Kukamonga.

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