Öüï finds La Kerschovas nut-cracking her way to the ballet 🩰

Breaking Knews… 18 minutes later, Phat BASTERD’ was evicted from France Musique, the Jazz prog., went for back up with Susana PuVeda and the rest is Banzzzzzaiiii. But that’s only because Eye is feelin’, Ewe know, Japanese. Sources close to Dennis Soula (that motherfucker) relay that the Sirens hid “El Niño Luc”, on account that Eric Deutil had not had supper yet.

In Local News, President Macron headed over to AmesterFUCKINGdam following his Honey Visit with the Pooh in CHINA, “in SHINA », y’all!

At The Turkish Track Follows… “Reach out, touch Mí ». And Phat Basterd’, Ewe Sum of a Biche, in case the love of my 19h in CET is wondering, I am the addition but Two of my 4 favorite countries continue to substract, and in “RELEVOS Australianos” no less. It is as the DM said a long long time ago: Évry Thing COUNTS!


Over Bretagne and The Eden Project next to Plymouth we sail across the Celtic Sea to witness what in the Funk is Robinette doing with them Clans.

Across The Atlantic, “the former guy”, as Little Nicole likes to refer to Président Macron’s former “best friend” just projected in Réel Time what Vladimir Putin is going to do with France if WINNIE Pooh in China turns Marianne into his personal bitch.

Sources close to Trump Tower and within earshot distance from the former president Trump, HO’id that HIJO DE PUTA say that he was just “busting” Emmanuel’s balls.

Put a bow on it.

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