Ladies in Gemini: Yer’ 2023 Los Angeles Dodgers ☄️


Told y’all it was a scam.


Hold it now, Seskia de Ville needs a push on that Gym… ok, i forgot the péadie, but that’s only because I had some peyote, in TeKaTe no less 

Meanwhile at the Confederacionados Grévistes de las Tapas, o algo así, it’s the end of the Mustachioed sagas and the start of “se va’ poner negra con la Bizet”… [ehem!] Binet.”

Eh… what’s up, doc?


One thing is FO’sure though, if Öüï looks at, IT!, from a ras-del-suelo cardboard folding seat, so pay attention y’all, because right before Sophie turns into Tina³, Ike thinks that the French are going to go on Vacation and pretend that those sexy sums o’bitches, on vacation en La CHINGADA d’Obradores, are already Sixty-fo’, —y’all.

³~. Turner, the one with the moves like Jagger.


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