Correction, Vilma Fuentes es un duende³


Amiga, SoFy Velasco… don’t believe the Juanito Guanabacoa torture report, I don’t work best under pressure. No, ma’am-en… My best work is always, Always™ on DEADLINE, soFy Velasco.

“La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da La Vida, »

Gabriel Figueroa did not invent the technique, but like DOUBLE Qué Sacó 007, “nobody lit that bitch in The Sky³ better”, simón q’ISSY, Carly.

Musical Guest: Bob Dylan y Los Dandys… Romance entre pollos y paracaidistas…

El Altar de las Ganadoras… Nevermind gettin’ stoned, Èvry body must get a pad. — This period is sponsored by Vania and PA’.


Meditando yo
Me di cuenta que
Aunque esté sin ti
A tu lado voy…

³~. Los duendes no llevan “X” siendo que estos “geniecillos” cómo suelen llamarlos los franceses son SUJETOS masculinos. Donc, motherfuckers ; no such thing as a “duenda” donde Trasgo®³ mató pollos y hundió minas canadienses en la CONCHA de la Pasta de Cuatrociénegas y El Guadiana.

³~. https ://www .industriaavicola .net /uncategorized /en-mexico-se-inaugura-una-moderna-instalacion-avicola-destinada-a-pollos-de-engorde/

For context on Yesterday’s SoFy Velasco (bimbo) Show, the subject of La Argentina popped-up, and after All Apologies directed at all her Argentines connections, SoFy Velasco wasted no saliva to smother the World Cup winners with vocabulary fit for any royal highness-es-es… which Öüï will not repeat 🔁 on account that RFPP . Net does not take responsibility for the context of it’s Latin American weekend content.

Yada, yada, classified 🔳◼️◾▪️

Never mind, WALDO, Katty Kay, where’s Mika’s big fat pussy?… Probably in PA’jamAS. This is how Rome fell. Entitled Joe’s, and their debutante Significant otters 🦦.

Told y’all yesterday that it was a Walk… You probably thought, like Velsho with a Velcro, patch, that it was Spiderman behind Louis XV. Didn’t you, Congressperson Scarborough? Confess you son of a bitch!

The Football has left the building.

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