La Tanga de Pancho† … Calzónci de Xuan³

Fandango :

Le BemBe de Nemo, by Julio VerNe

For the record, in Hilo, Hawaii it is Primetime on Valentine’s They, in Paris, France, it’s CHAYOTE en TECHNICOLOR, pero sin ColoRanTe… Only on BFM’ER TV.

Any how, today it’s our Sixth ANNIVERSARY of me, living in the Streets… It’s not symbolic, it’s not a whim, it’s a COLLABORATION between The French Préfecture de Police at Cité, France Culture (the MINISTRY, not the music chain) and my SpoonSOR en France from 2010 to 2017, Dr. Johanne Grazia Poisson M.D./Biologist; and Mr. Poisson, i reiterate: it was never about “fucking your daughter”, she is the one who fucked me, ISSY-even-at-a-Holiday Inn, if you have any questions, ask Bruno’s boss at Cité (Sept. 2015).

Dear Nathalie, Eye understands that your little story of corruption at the École del Conservatoire National de Malesherbes en El 17éme will keep you busy all night, if not for the entire week. Courage, love!!! Suck’em Dry and don’t forget your vitamins.

https ://www .diapasonmag .fr /

Note to non-readers: the events depicted below are based on a true story, the names of the laboratories and their purpose have been changed to protect the nymphomaniacs at the Georges Pompidou Européenne Make-up Laboratoire.

a-la-une /trois-professeurs-du-conservatoire-de-milan-mis-en-examen-pour-corruption -34237 .html

Exceptionnel? You bet.

In Hilo, Hawaii, un Étranger is lynched by a mob of Maui locos enforcing the Locals Only surf policy at the beach.

 1779 – James Cook 🇬🇧 is killed by Native 🏄🏽 🏝️ Hawaiians near Kealakekua on the Island of Hawaii.

From The Ministry: Freeze-dried opinions… Just add WaWa.


Across The Atlantic, the Legislative monkeys are on vacation, and on their yearly trek to Santiago de Compostela, or to The Mediterranean, or on Safari, but definitely, most definitely NOT in their districts when the NATIONAL Rifle for White Supremacy is paying their PER DIEM. Just ask Senator Ted Cancun.

Palais Garnier, home of The Phantom of the Opera, is now on Airbnb.

And Emily Munera, now that Öüï knows you like sex, Eye happened to have some left-over chocolate from the 12-theys of X-más, wadda’ ya say you get the fresas and we both take the opportunity to open up a bottle from Champagne 🇨🇵, or from Asti 🇮🇹 and send the cork over to Stein at Politico™.

In Colaboration with Heir, Bee and, Be at l’Opera Garnier.


³~. TangaJuani _ PhellEau que arma fortresses… The One With Good Teeth, o como dicen en Francia, an “AntiDentEye!!! ».

By The Numbers:

And Ms. Palm🌴er🌴,  per your request today’s running numbers 🔢 are:

February the 14th is the 45TH THEY in them United States, and the winning lotto combo is as follows:

67 house divided between a 45 and a hard place is


Told’ya all that there was pizza behind the Alien Shield.


— FIGHT!!!

It’s another edition of The Saint Valentine’s MASSACRE in A Brave New World.

In local news, Nathalie Piolé uncovers a “homework” cartel at the Paris Musique Conservatoire de Malesherbes…


Em# y Ly(s)… My love Nathalie is going to be working overtime at the lab, the orgy is going to last for at least a week, so now is your chance, unless, If You Want My Body and Ewe Think, you know… I’m Sexy go for it.


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