I’ve found the Leak… and it’s a VORTEX 🛸

It’s Prime Time in Hilo, Hawaii, home of the World Famous Famagusta G-string thesis.

Dear, Purple Pundit, Princess Palatine called, ‘call me mañana’.

The Hook that holds the 🇧🇷 Santos 🇺🇸, stay stoned for updates.

Previously on, “Un OMNI (objeto musical no i⁰denti⁰fiable) filled with strange looking multicolored freaks outside of the so-called, “Dernier Bar Avant La Fin… », du El Mundo de Le Monde…

Now with 3240⁰ surround View

Secrets in Plain Bras – Is it Possible (question mark)… Yes, Giorgio, Öüïknowdis. The Secret is in PLANE SIGHTS.

“Move Along, move along there’s nothing to “C” here,” Figliuzzi, of course you would say that, your amphibian eyes are giving you away.

But first:

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