In 🇻🇦 Vatican 🇻🇦 news: The Pope in Rome segregates Martin Luther

At Che Stadium, it’s Papal Bulls on Parade, tonight’s program features a Decet Romanum Pontificem, which is a lot like a mob sentence in the Ghinni universe of New York.

Boom 💥


https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Decet_Romanum_Pontificem

Station Identification Follows… Take It A Güey!!! 🎸 ³~. 1963 – Pope John XXIII {on} JUNE the 3rd (b. 1881)


~. Jacques dagger preceding a 4-digit timestamp (YR.) means that Youse Dead as Cutie.
³~. Yesterday on “Across The Universe” with Bobby Gutrie.

To They in History

— 1962 – 🇻🇦 Pope John XXIII 🇻🇦 excommunicates 🇨🇺 Président Fidel Castro 🇨🇺… spiteful bastard that P.J. XXIII, the pontiff was asked by The Company, to use Raul’s birthday party to execute the InComunicado on Fidel. Cardinal XIMENEZ and Cardinal Biggums performed the Inquisition, en Castellano, —off-Course.


Before “Walk This Way”, came the story of how Leila, pumped IT!, up!.

On a They like today, Leggy Mountbatten quit The Rutles and accepted a Teaching position in Australia.

1926George Martin, English composer, conductor, and producer (d. 2016)

Ironically, every end brings a new begining, but a new start is not necessarily something optimal for the THEYS to come, take for instance an Austrian civil servant and his art school-reject son:

IF {and} ONLY {if}
Ewe could run a bill on a DMC DeLorean back in 1985, and Ewe only had one bullet on a pistol, who WOULD you choose to shoot dogSmackeD in the back of the Noggin’?.

~.1903 – Alois Hitler, Austrian civil servant (b. 1837)

It’s a coincidence nothing that anybody can do about it, it’s a historical PHACT, Jacques! Eye certainly did KNOT goD smackeD the Southern Cross on that rag, it’s a coincidence, Eye tells Ewe.

— 1956 – 🇦🇺 Mel Gibson 🇺🇸, American-Australian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter.

2003 – Greta TINTIN Thunberg, 🇸🇪Swedish 🇸🇪 environmental activist


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