Same STING, different Angle 📐… The Police

Breaking news, in local news:

Eh_En el Noh_OMBRE del cielo 🎶 Oh_Os pido posada, pues Noh_Oh puede AND{ar}—Mí {y} Esposa, Amada.

In Hilo, Hawaii it’s the 23h o como dice el francés en rue Sentier… TEN de la mañana in So It Goes

For the Fifth light! Your Clutch sucks 🕎 period!

Keschovas has left the building, Bitch’s Been Eeh-Vick-Ted… again.

Sources close to, “the pusher” relay that … Denis Soula, that motherfucker, CRACKed OPen a Sandinista special on DEM “hard pipe–hittin’ niggas” on Yester They “allegretto junior », and Neymar 🇧🇷 could knot, resist.


Dr. Poisson won’t let Mí lie: your FRAME is bland, to say the least.

But seriously, Eye took apart your rig and the Motel de Matiñon 👮🏻 is overcharging for the bloody curtains and the cum’ soaked sheets.

At the Moo-vies: Andrew McCarthy stars as the inspiration to Lamborghini, the movie, not the brand, Eye mean, just look at that Duck, of course Ewe would have to triangulate Molly’s Ring in Paris so that the Emily crowd knows what them Revvies are talking ‘Bout 🥊

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