The Shortest They – Arab Winter en la Concha de tu Madre 🇦🇷 🕎

Nº 919-920 Décembre 2022

Yup, that’s them good Mel’s, Charlie… 🐰

1er ESSAI (White) Countach!

Well, you’ve HO’id about “la primavera árabe”… it’s Knot, one of those. This one started out at The Greek Theater and it ended up on Hollywood Blvd.

Meanwhile at francemusique, Denisas Kerschovas met “some hard pipe-hittin’ niggas” and with their expertises~ese, Kerschovas took back her studio, Denis Soula, that motherfucker, does not approves, but fuck him y también aussi, a Las Sirenas que lo acompañan:

Over at Le Champ de Mars… 🕎 le Président de La France issued out a VF “knot to be outdone” by The Biden Administration on rue GRABIEL³ trompetazo 🎺🎺🎺 to celebrate BUGS BUNNY 🐇 sous les jupes de La Dama de Hierro, —no less.

Fête des lumières
https ://www .linternaute .com /actualite /guide-vie-quotidienne /1330910 –hanouka-2022-que-commemore-la-lumineuse-fete-juive/

Ms. Jackson… It’s Miss Jackson, not Mrs. Ms. Jackson is a single mom from the Ghetto.

³~. Gabriel is the name which Eye hates the Most in an ArchAngeles.

https ://www .timeanddate .com /calendar /winter-solstice .html

Attention Camp:
please be advised that depending on your Ville, “la quatre saisons n’est pas qu’une Solsticewill be in décalage, below are the Time listings:

Over at The East Village in Babylon II, the Solstice will be on Deadline (16h48) and over at The FIA Motel at La Place de La Concorde in Babylon I, the FO’ist THEY of Winter ❄️ will be taking its POLE Position at the 22h48 and in Hilo, Hawaii, the changing of the Seasons’, in spite of the Rhules, will arrive at the 11th hour in Military Time… not in SOHO clock.

With that in mind, please be advised that I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, do not select, EYE SAY AGAIN, I Do Not Select The NEWS CYCLE, I am only barred by the Préfecture de POLICE at Cité from CITING the context in its ORIGINAL FORMAT, so EWE, yeah JEW, are going to have to KNOT read it, this WAY ⇒ Walk With Mí on my JOURNEY to fucking Knowhere, behold:

The Legacy of VasConCelos²…
a Neville Chamberlain production,
in association with El Yunque en Sciences🦁Po🦊

²~. For the silly French at La Sorbonne, Vasconcelos is our 🇲🇽 very 🇲🇽 OWN Martin (ß) Heidegger.

From the makers of Schlachthof 5 {or} Der Kinderkreuzzug, comes the Story of Christmas as told by a PALESTINIAN boy, named YOSSARIAN PILGRIM.


Now before La Casa de España en Cité Universitaire de Paris (75014) accusés Mí, {or} Armando Segovia of spreading right-wing extremist rhétorique or racist propaganda, I ask those coqSuckers to evaluate the parallel to GAZA when Pedro 🇪🇸 Sánchez looks towards Ceuta.

https ://english .elpais .com/spanish_news /2021-05-18 /spanish-pm-vows-to-protect-north-african-borders-with-all-necessary-measures-after-thousands-of-migrants-swim-ashore.html

Warner Bros. Pictures present, a Department of Transportation production.

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