From the makers of Red Privada — A Who-Done It, foretold by Fenster, —a copy editor†

†~. Also a Paperback writing Foo, yes he is.

En décalage con Hilo, Hawaii., pp. 58 – 59 of “La Recherche”, Nº 572 des Janvier -Mars 2023; and, “Le Figaro Magazine”, cahier Nº 1 – NOMBRES 24354 ET 24355 des 9 ET 10 Décembre, 2022.


Any hoot, Alex Wagner, ex cirquera de Showtime, i, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, bets Rachel Glasses spectacles that Congressperson (R-Floribama) Joseph les Char de Scarborough thought D.A.T. I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, was referencing the battery 🔋 status of this frame, to the 1950 Maracanazo de Uruguay en Brasilia, far from it Alex WaWa, although I can confirm that, INdeed, it travels in the same orbit, but in 2022 when Neymar Jr. stood silent while his gallo de pelea (Jair Bolsonaro) took from the populist playbook of Andrés Manuel López Obrador en Guadalajara, España… la del “Cielito Lindo”, no la del Juanito “bluesito” en Siempre es Domingo en RFPP ✍🏻 106.3 fm de Botzaris, with a known repeater at la bendita’ Porte de Versailles.

If Pinocchio 🤥 worked for Match Paris… Issy, Not-a-lie Piolé, The Sysco Kid drank Mad Dog XX-XX.


Argentina 30 Crow_Ate–She_Ah

Eye am telling Ewe, it is not Mí, it’s in the French “nombres” of La Re Cher, Che! And it has nothing to do with Faul’s “Blackbird”, and Évry thing to do with them “Flying Neutrinos”, behold:

https ://www .larecherche .fr /le-sens-du-nombre-chez-les-oiseaux

¿Cómo dijo?


Fester the copy editor responds once AMLO acknowledges him during one of his morning briefs.

— He said, mister President, that the FFL³ are a bunch of, “racist, COLÓNized, oligarchs”, who according to ‘El Heroico Gobernador de Puebla de Zaragoza’, “use MUSIC and Culture to infiltrate into the mainstream”.

Meanwhile back at Juanito Guanabacoa’s Ranch at Botzaris-sous-Chaumont, SoFy Velasco continued to yawn a “El Jarrón.”

³~. French 🇫🇷  Foreign 🇲🇦  Legion

Mientras tanto en El Circo Wagner, it’s MARACANAZO NEWS and a Twist on The Manhattan Project. And I swear that Eye is not making this up 🌞.

La Marsellesa by Harry El Sucio and the Same ol’Punks.

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