Uso Justo de todos los Números³

3~. Nombres en (VF)

MO’idEr By Numbers: Dig It (X3).


… By the numbers.

https ://www .ukrinform .net /rubric– ato /3631510 –morocco-will-be-first-african-country-to-provide-military-aid-to-ukraine-media .html


Not only is Marruecos the FO’ist African nation to reach such heights at the WC, Casablanca is now challenging its Anglo tocayo³ in Washington, D.C., in the arms race to the Ukraine. Eye literally cannot make this shit up, MariWanEau (🇲🇦), but “So It Goes”, news from the source relay that Qatar is the FO’ist WC to come up with a carbon-copy edition of a Who-Done-It Murder at the Fútbol Stadium gameboard, with Monopoly characters, —no less. TROU 🕳️ A.I. Story.

homonyme, ouais
³~. m. et f. Qui concerne de ongle la personne,autre Quoi ont son même nom.

Source: Real Academia Española … Árabe.

Kashmir goes here, in local news, Morocco not only recaptured Andalucía, the motherfuckers also took Portugal back from the Brazilians.


Casablanca… Aux Champs-Elysées.

At the European Union Foundation Fund, las mariposas colombianas can’t shine a light on the Qatari favors at the  🇪🇺  Parliament , anyhow, Cookie Monster 🇫🇷 is up at the first half.

The nerve of them Mariposa Colectivo de Colombia.


… Well, that 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 penalty kick went looking for Lucy in The Sky, not sure if there are any diamonds up there though, Cookie 🍪 Monster vS. Marruecos is looking like a likely match to come… 8 min’ left.

TFI (those motherfuckers) are not cutting the chord this time around, but BBC 1 did.

The following must be read in a Congressman Scarborough voice, with a Redneck Riviera accent, SyMon que Si.

 — My fellow Floribamans, you know the thing about Messi Kane, is that Messi Kane always fails to deliver on the big stage. This is why the Rosbifs 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 need to re-adjust their priorities ahead, and let the Cross Dressers 🦌up in Edinburgh go their own way.

… and Willie Geist, even though, neither NBC nor the BBC, B.B. King
And Doris Day, —Matt Busby! Of all Scots, have confirmed this, Jacob H. Maguire is indeed my illegitimate bastard Rosbif son. And I am disowning him for the second WC in a row.

Son of a Scarborough


The thing is, Willie Geist, that I got a Brit heifer pregnant early in My Life, I just can’t remember the place, —where.

But, Willie Geist, that doesn’t even matter just look at the noggin’ on them shoulders over that NUMBER 6, with them Latter Saints They looks on that chap he would fit right in at any Sundown county South of the Mason-Dixon line. He sure would.

I say to hell with the Brits, the whole lot of EM#!!! They don’t deserve The Falkland Islands nor a mulligan for the Brexit fuck up.

And, “Men in Blazers”, fuck you too!

God Save The Emir 👑

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