Senhoras em Gêmeos: El Gato Vol’Ad’Or 🙀

Minuto 35’… KEMPES SCORES!!! Unfortunately for Lula in Brasil, his national team’s COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR jinxed Cariocalandia when he instinctively dropped a “El Gato Bola d’Or” in front of the Whole Wide World of the Webs. Reached for comment, the President of the Dictatorship in that Kingdom dismissed the pussycat incident, as a normal Évry they event, “Pussies get thrown around here left and right”, said the the President of Qatar.


“ ¡Fue Horrible¡ »…

Y volar y volar 🌬️🎶


Say hey DERE good lookin’, in what  City of GOD did ya’ get your Educaçāo, —¿ en  🇧🇷 UA-KNOT OS  🇲🇽?


Marco Antonio³ responds:

A huevo que en una escuela de perros.

But FO’ist, let’s take a Trip-2-Roma, where Boludo de Asis (François 1er) just shed a tear for Kiev, and where the Time Mag “Man of The Year” just told the Russian Orthodoxy to shove their papal tiara where The Kremlins don’t shine.

Cubana-hubana-ana (fue horrible)
Cubana-hubana-ana (y dice así):


Meanwhile at Kraut 🇩🇪 Central, the local retirement and tourism office of 🇫🇷 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (Paradise City for Russian Oligarchs), a local high-ranking official of the 👮🏻 Department of Economic Protection of THE NATIONAL POLICE 🕵🏻‍♂️, has issued a Papal Bull on the Roman Catholic representative of goD on Earth.

https ://www .dw .com /en /ukraine-pro-russian-oligarchs-flee-to-french-riviera /a-64036327

At the Fréjus en Var préfecture, which is also in France, the situation with the Pope’s tears has sparked the interest of the Very French (VF) to bring back the Roman See to Avignon.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /pope-breaks-down-cries-while-mentioning-ukraine-public-prayer-2022-12-08

Over 50 Catfights in Abu Dhabi, Guarra-n-Tid


Over at the Arquidiócesis de Guadalajara, no-body, except for los GUARDADO de LA VEGA, shed a tear for “Au–Pairs” at EL PARQUE DE LAS GATAS.

Well I’ll Be Damned! They do land on all fours. 💜

Reflexión : El parque de las gatas

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