Over at the MSNBC Show, Katie 🇰🇷 Phang had the weekend off

Meanwhile, at the Mehdi Hassan, if Aljazeera was an Oil Company, or an Evangelical asset such as The Nation of Israel, Aljazeera’s newsroom would have been bombed with Stardust instead of, Ewe know, white phosphorus munitions.

You are welcom, Hassan. Glad to be your worlds smallest bass.

Meanwhile in Paris, France, at the MĂ©lenchon lair, The Commie BASE don’t know how to react to Maduro’s Chevron flip.

At RFPP, Osler Amaro just changed the Emisión Americas Samba for the YANKEE Doodle Thème, —en versión Bachata.

Meanwhile, at The French District of the Masséna Nord Arrondissement, casi esquina con Olympiades: no-fue-penal, period (Ley de La Ventaja).

Un chiquito chichito.

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