“Vamos pues, a cojer españoles³ » … Hotos en promoción

Numb skulls ☠️ I tell Ewe! The entire pelotón of Ewe!… Who, I ask, would jump out of a perfectly A-380 en–route to Qatar? Who, I ask? 🪂

Is this Black Enough for, Ewe?

“Ah bah ouais”

… mais bon

… Öüï (that motherfucker) already established that yes, GO’ill de Niza, “the four seasons” is right below 👇 la tal “Margherita”, which is a carbon-plagarism of Puebla’s (not Morante 🐂) Chile en Nogada 🇲🇽 

This is a replay from 9-11, at 16:04 in CET. Virgo will not allow Mí, to lie.

https ://www .cosmopolitan .com /it /lifestyle /a26064321 /margherita-vicario-nuovo-singolo/

Foux du Fafa Lyrics … Ou est le bibliotheque?

These are my “antecedentes” for this draft, not a « borrador », because that is as pedestrian as David Icke promenading through Abby Road en Fréjus–sur–Mediterraneo.

La quinta de un sordo.

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