The following segment is brought to Ewe, by The Paris Chamber of Tourists³

Pitch, you could not handle my “delicate” programming, let alone the Vision for my SPIN cycle, —Biiiiitch!

³~. Censored

What about La Sierra Nevada?

Behold, French motherfuckers:

By French logik, James Brown was a Nazi, a fascist! and here is why² :

“No Soup For Ewe!”

never mind, Reverend Al, that the godfather of your soul was dubbed “the hardest worker in the business”, that’s just some jive-ass mothafunky BRANDING, but do pay attention to the list of “influencers” who suggested that:

If you don’t work you can’t eat.

1. Paul the Apostle, in The New Testament.
2. John Smith in the early 1600s colony of Jamestown, Virginia. 
3. Vladimir Lenin, Communist revolutionary leader, during the early 1900s Russian Revolution.
4. And of course, the French.


https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /He_who_does_not_work,_neither_shall_he_eat

in any case:

²~. Fela Kuti told Mí, so.

It’s all Greek to Mí… It’s like too MotherLess for Webster or that “little” fucker, Robert.


Sing, IT!, Frank:

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