Jeff Aerosol vS Flatus Bovis… La Vache on the Wall 🧱

Note to editors:
the following disclousure is to remind our non-readers that nothing, including our expressed written opinions should not be, i say again, should Knot be, treated as scripture, —without its properly documented and deconstructed context. Wit that in mind,

I like birds.


the only true constant in life, is of course, Mexican style Lucha Libre.

Mexican proverb from the Golden Age of el pancracio.

Eye see your “Petete” and I raise Ewe: Super 🌟 Muñeco.

“Toxic like a can of…”, any one, toxic like a can of aerosol cans on a hazardous waste, or like Trump’s spray-on tan.

American gringos


Regurgitate, Ruminate …
Designate your love as fate
A one-world state as human freight
The number eight, a white-black state
Try not to hate


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