Page Vous: Todos tus blindados⁶ 🇪🇸

W.A.D.R. (Florence 🇫🇷):

Anubis a Notre Dame de Paris Sites, follows, las quimeras no me pueden dejar mentir, Ask The Gargoyles there looking South to ISSY-les-Molineros.

« No chores por Mí, Argentina 🇦🇷 ».

La hache es muda:

https ://dw .com /es/defensa-de-cristina-fern%C3%A1ndez –pide-definir-ataque-como-intento-de-feminicidio /a-63013273

What’s good for Christina is good for Pelosi, and Florence at AURORA, here’s what Eye means… but first, madame, i, Armando Segovia, am not a “doctor”, but my French VISA was awarded because at THE TIME, my input was from the terrain (field), not from a fucking PEDESTAL at the College de France, en LETRAS.

It fucking figures… BANANAS!


CaMaRaDa, Florence, if you are going to casually bring “satanism” into the French indirectas…


AS Eye says in “Mexican”, —pedradas…

Técnico en mantenimiento, ISSY, Eye can clear your InterTubes.

Please relay to them Gillet Jaunes that it’s Symbolic, of course, but then again, when it comes to ‘innuendos’, i, Armando Segovia, have a feeling that you cocksuckers don’t know how to Rock and Roll 🥐😋.

Any how, madame Florence, All Öüï is sayin’, is that what is good for La Juventud Bolivariana de Paco Ignacio Taibo II y Venezuela en Francia (la indignación, pues!) también se la merece The Voice of America. Violence is only acceptable in WAR, and even then, señora, there are rules and “guard rails”.

Fantasy Island 🏝️ The Trane! The Trane!

Les objets à Kynopolis
sont plus proches
qu’il n’y paraît.

Yesterday in San Francisco, was Halloween, hoy en París, is la Toussaint.


And, GO’ill deNiza, le point zéro des routes de France might be at the explanada de Nuestra Señora de París, but the starting point of Route 66 es “El Pasito Duranguense³ », the one which inspired David Guetta to party like it was 1999, look it up.

Grúas El Perro Agradecido, te levantan, porque te levantán.


⁶~. El Chupacabras, CSdG 🇲🇽.

For reference, doña Florence (at AURORA):

Just one year ago, the COLLEGE of France was installing this lucky charm onto your precious little FRENCH PRIDE, his name is Mario, and yes, all of the Peruvians (including the socialists) get a Warm Fuzzy when they hear his name, —now pay attention, doña Florence— because this is going to be the link 🖇️ and your introduction to BASEBALL ⚾, DEER.

Playball, Bitch!

Now, madame, Florence, you are old enough to have witness the RAMPANT incest that went on in France, preVIOus to the arrival of “The Architect ∴” to Le Elysée, and since you wanted me, Armando Segovia, to hear your “indirectas” YESTERDAY, about the “Stuck Up” Mexicans in France, your old ASS should begin to understand that the reason why I eat chesse burgers at McDo after dark, like you and your Clochard Panel do, is because those fucking Mexican Nobles (Ciméma Étoile Lilas y El Primer Encuentro Cinématographique VIVA MEXICO 2013; Nosotros Los Nobles) had a hand in my peregrinage†.

Tomorrow in Mexico, day 2 of November is reserved for the CHILDREN that went the way of ANUBIS…

Yada, yada, and Eye says: YADA!


Chicago es la ciudad de las dos necesidades, and L.A., El Ey is my Lady, señora.

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