Good Mornings, Francia, how da’Fuck are you doing (🔥) on this Fine Fall-back weekend?

Over at the Poles positioning system of the F.I.A. at Concordia, Team Toro Rojo got fined like a Zillion Euros, but regardless of that, not a single fucking European SCENT will go towards this thing called, “The Bossa Nova” in the scalping of The Amazonia.

To Dr. Marsalis’ credit, he did use the word, “Meta-phore”:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/28 /deportes /red-bull-pagara-multa-de-7-mdd-por-incumplimiento-del-limite-de-costos/

With that in mind, la CORCHOLATA Roja is being piloted by Augusto Pinochet… no wait, scratch that mister Cohen³; Eye meant to write ✍🏻 El titular de la Secretaría de Gobernación, Adán Augusto López Hernández.

³~. FRENCH-canadian of, “HallelujahPare de SufrirBrazilian fame.

… in local news 📰, jump to Page Tú.


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