Kam Sa Mí Da… da 🥖 Execut’EM# All, let Brassens sort’EM# out

National Route 7… French Vacation courtesy of Georges Brassens, inspirado por CARLOS COLORADO, no es Hendrix, bola de PUTOS, es LA BOA.

Deer, Katie Phang… FYI, Eye has, IT!, On good authority that mister Jean°Pierre Melville hired a KNEW Régent, and that sumºbahºbitch just found out that not to be outdone by the SPC, The R91³ is about to drop the letter aitch out of your Phang, thus the next generation aircraft carrier, according to the former Army Mistress, Florence Parly,  will be dubbed:

La CGT vS Sud Corée… dedos a tres croissants sin límite de chouquettes.

PANG (R92) or porta aviones nueva generación por sus siglas en Castellano.

Parmentier was a Fag.

(아줌마) You think that Eye lies?  Check this out, it’s straight from the “Viejas Feas” section of the 4077th Army M*A*S*H* potatos unit… how do you think that Ojo de Halcón got them martinis going, eh? With Parmentier’s logic? Not a chance China Phang. KNOT a chance.

Pan°Franc°Es ∵ Eye says so.

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