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I am going to take break now, see you 🙈 when I see you 🙉.

2013 – 2017… La desfachatez de los copetes d’esos BELMONT, false verse como “ANVERS” FRANCIA y COCAINE, ask Ozzy, Eric Clapton just bamboozled SHARON into “knot” believing in Jesus fucking Christ, for sakes cunt or some sort of Rosbif tradition learned from Molière en El Cervantino de, Duda Mel… Aunque Usted, —no lo crea.

Here’s Wizz Dom, fucker is from the Cetus barrio in the galaxy and Wizz Dom, a Phish, is guilty of pissing in the WaWa… Gordon Sullivan sent the Police, hilarity ensues when… Guy Cuevas confunde a Vagues con Vagos.

Spoiler Alert: now Öüï knows why Öüï is alone in the Universe.

Santo… ¡Yo soy tu padre!… dice Blue Demon, Jr.

Mercredi de Addams… It’s a COVER with musical guest “siñor BeeKeeNee!!!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/19 /cultura /familia-de-carlos-colorado-gana-el-nombre-de-sonora-santanera-tras-20-anos/

Live, from La Catedral de La Lucha Libre en la Maub de Vilma Fuentes (madame Fuentes is juarense) it’s a Cover of El Santo contra las momias de La Préfectura de Cité, en Paname, it’s El Santo’s birthday, INNO! NO ESTAMOS HABLANDO de su padre, si no más bien del Hijo, que también es licenciado en communication… Bola De Putos!

Note to my current girlfriend Nathalie Piolé :
Listen, Babe, don’t wait for Mí, this Guy, fell in a Cueva and Eye is going to get that Güey out through La Barranca… del Cobre.

For context, no es lo mismo ni mucho menos es igual, pero por ‘AY va… Unfortunately for Nora Patricia Jara at “Antena Radio” in ChilangoLandia, this blog is not appropriate enough to get into a ROLLO about “cumbias” at the Préfecture de Cité and the conflict of interests en Dolores… de Madame Hidalgo.

Conexión Esta°ble°cida (sin EstablishMent)…

With All Due Respect: Dolores en Paris… [Y] Lola, Lolita… Welcome to Juaritos, en MONTREUIL-S/Bois C.2011 AD. Freddy Cats is the Master of Ceremonies… ask THE CHOLOS at BOTZARIS and Juanito Guanavacoa for references.

My name is “El” BLUE DEMON, and EYE approves this message.

Good luck to the Republican Party… Make Hitler Great Again.

TimeDelayed message to YESTERDAY’S eavesdropper with my conversation with My Peruvian connection from the Vatican in Paris. Read this supplement from TODAY’S Le Figaro, nº 24 311 (jeudi 20 octobre 2022… France Métropolitaine “uniquement”

Le siècle des dictateurs

Fuck it, let it all burn.

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